One great thing about running a think tank is that I can go days without talking with anyone who has less than a 135 IQ, and how nice it is to not have to deal with our chimpanzee-human counterparts. Likewise it is great to discover new innovation and consider all the possibilities for our future. Let me give you an example of a recent conversation with a “recycling guru” who has about 12 patents and comes up with original thoughts just about every time I talk with him.

Jacques writes; “Zero waste should be as important to a company as Zero Defects.” I agree. It should also be important to a home. As for Zero Defects, I believe it can be done (or almost) but they don’t do it because they couldn’t sell an “upgrade” or “new model” six months later. I used my Canon F-1 cameras for over 20 years, with an occasional visit to a technician to regulate the light meter or some other minor thing. Can you still buy something that can last 20 years?”

Wow, I thought, this guy totally gets it doesn’t he? I told him; I hear you on that. And although I know have a laptop which has lasted some 5 years which is a record for me. I also realize that when companies are making things as cheap as possible, there is at least some consideration for “Planned Obsolescence” in there, the typical example is the auto industry which runs their windshield wipers in testing for the average rain-fall in the US for the length of a typical car loan, that is pathetic, they only want it to last until their next model.

It’s hard to find much of anything that will last 20-years anymore, and that means we end up throwing it away because the price to fix it is often more or very close to replacement in so many items. Moe waste in our landfills, yes, not good. Of course we should also be “mining” our landfills, just as Kelly suggests collecting the methane to run turbines for energy, or any of a number of strategies therein. I do like the EU’s EOL (end of life) program for automobiles, every car has a $300 (approximate) might be more now tax when you buy it, that money I given to the company that salvages it and is required to recycle all the parts, plastics, metal, rubber, glass, wiring, etc. that’s a great concept too.

Someday it would be nice if people bought the drive train underneath a car whether it be hydrogen, electric, whatever and merely changed the body shape as their life needs changed, single guy, sports car, family mini-van, pickup work truck, older person sedan, but same body of carbon nano-tube composite and 50-year drive train, the bodies could be refurbished repainted and sold or traded to the next person for their needs, or broken down to powder and recast or re-3D printed, I suppose all those things are coming. But right now, I hear what Jaquez is saying, the cheapness of consumer products, throw away plastics, etc. it’s causing unnecessary and serious pollution and angst – waste – not good. Think on this.

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