So we’ve heard! You’re starting your own business, or going the freelance route, or is it that you’re going to ‘work from home’ for the perceivable future? Well, we see that you’ve bought your own laptop or desktop to set the ball rolling. But do you really think that will be enough? Don’t you reckon you need to buy a printer and one of the best scanners around to complete the set?

Trust me, they’re really necessary if you’re going to go into business. You don’t want to be missing out on important deals and clients just because you didn’t have the foresight to buy a printer and one of the best scanners, do you? Besides, while you’re running off to get important documents, pictures, plans and presentations printed at photocopying shops and vendors outside, you’re wasting valuable time. And now more than ever, time is money!

Before you run away and put phrases such as online scanner, buy printer or best scanner in a search engine, let’s try to figure out which type of printer you should go out and get. To begin with, there are two broad types, namely inkjet printers, and laser printers. We’ll briefly describe the salient points of each, and this should help you make your mind up one way or another.

Right at the outset, the Inkjet printer is the cheaper one of the two. That aside, if you have a home office, or limited office space an inkjet could be ideal for you as it is compact. What’s more, you also limit power consumption when you buy a printer that falls under the inkjet category. Moreover, you can even print pictures passably well on an inkjet, and are well set up to print stickers and such too as there is no heat involved in the printing process.

A laser printer, on the other hand is more reliable, and does not clog as easily as its inkjet brethren does. While the laser printer uses toner much more efficiently, laser cartridges are more expensive than inkjet cartridges. On the flip side, if you do intend on printing a heck a lot of text, a laser printer will get the job done for you, offering cheaper costs in the long run and beautiful, crisp text every time! What’s more, a laser printer is often speedier than an inkjet, and creates less of a mess, too!

Now that we’ve sorted out the stuff about the printer, let’s talk about buying a scanner online. This machine is particularly important if you run a design studio, a fashion boutique, an interior designer studio, or even an architect shop. Failing this, if you like to share and store important doodles or sketches for all time to come, you must definitely have a scanner in your repertoire!

So go ahead and buy a scanner online, and buy a printer while you’re at it. They should shore up your business arsenal and you are now well set up to take on the world!

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