Women’s safety glasses are no longer the boring tasteless blocks of transparent plastic that they once were. Now women everywhere can enjoy colorful, wonderfully designed safety eye-wear; made of durable lightweight material.

For many years, women in the workplace had to sacrifice style and flavor for safety. The eye protection of the past was designed for one thing and one thing only-to protect the wearer’s eyes from flying debris and other hazards. There was little or no concern for style and very little for regard for comfort.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that manufacturers of women’s safety glasses began to acknowledge the fact that women wanted to escape from the bland one size, one style fits all approach to safety eye-wear.

Recently, companies that make protective eyewear have began catering to the special needs of female workers. They now take into account the fact that women want to look good, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. Just because they may need to protect themselves while working, they can still express their sense of style and taste without sacrificing safety.

Women’s safety glasses are now laden with rhinestones, awesome colors and fashion forward styling. Finally they can have their cake and eat it too as far as protective eyewear is concerned. There are so many different colors and styles available that women can now find just the right pair to match her work uniform or range outfit.

Most safety glasses are made of some type of shatter proof material which is designed to be lightweight making it easy to look good and be comfortable as well as safe.