Error 43 appears on all versions of Windows, but it is especially problematic for Windows 7. The error message code 43 is usually triggered by a device driver that has encountered a conflict and needs to stop working. The “drivers” installed on your PC are pieces of software that connect the hardware you are using to the system. We need drivers to enable us to use the hardware we attach to our computers, and when we encounter issues on any of them, this error message will prevent the hardware from running and can also cause other problems in the computer system.

What Causes Error 43?

There are various causes for this error message to appear, and in order to resolve issues surrounding your drivers, you need to pinpoint the specific drivers that are causing the error messages to appear.

The error code 43 will typically show in the following format:

  • Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

This type of error is an indication of a hardware problem, or that the system is experiencing problems with a specific hardware attachment which does not function the way it should. This error message is primarily caused by a damaged driver, and in Windows 7 systems especially, this error seemingly appears without any probable cause. Thankfully, this type of problem can be easily fixed.

How To Fix Windows Error 43

The way to repair error code 43 in your PC, most especially in Windows 7 systems, is that you need to re-install the drivers that have been damaged. Other possible fixes include disconnecting and replacing the affected hardware, and repairing issues in your registry. It is quite common to experience problems with the different device managers as they can be corrupted due to a faulty update or because new data has been added, which causes conflicts over system resources that your operating system is controlling. It

is highly recommended that you reinstall the device driver and you can do that by clicking Start>Control Panel>Device Manager. Locate the device that is causing the error and double click on it and go to the “Driver” tab. Click the “Uninstall” button and when the removal process is finished, restart your PC. When you resume your Windows session, obtain the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer by downloading it from the Internet and re-installing it on the machine. Your system will now have a fresh device driver and the latest version might have fixes for the error. This will prevent the error message from reappearing in most cases. In case the error message persists however, you need to repair issues on your registry.

The registry is another regular source of the error code 43 appearing in your system. The registry is a central database that is accessed by the operating system constantly, because it contains all the file settings and program options that are necessary for them to be loaded properly. Registry errors can mean that Windows will be unable to read the files related to the device drivers, resulting in the error messages that you keep on seeing displayed. We recommend that you make use of a reliable registry cleaner rather than trying to clean this sector yourself. A program like this can perform thorough system scans and repair registry keys that have been damaged in a very short time. The highly recommended Frontline Registry Cleaner tool quickly fixes 99% of other system faults detected in your system, allowing your computer to run in its optimal condition.

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