Top Gift Ideas For Women Who Commute By Train, Bus, Underground or other Public Transport

Even the most mundane activity, like the daily commute, can be a great source of inspiration for wife gift ideas.

Commuting brings with it a set of frustrations and problems. And where there are problems, there are opportunities for you to sweep in and offer at least a partial solution for your wife. This shows her that you pay attention to the little details of her life and that you care enough to help.

Here are some top gift ideas for wife gift ideas for women who commute.

1. Tiny Umbrella

It can be frustrating for commuters when it come to rain. Should I carry an umbrella or not? If you don’t take one then you’re bound to get rained on. If you do take one then you have to lug it around with you, in a cramped environment, and most likely leave it behind somewhere. If on the other hand your wife has a teeny, but very good quality umbrella tucked away for emergencies in her bag then she will get the best of both worlds.

Extra credit: get one with a carry case so that it can be packed without soaking the entire contents of the bag.

2. Portable Music/MP3 Player

Listening to music, self-help CDs or even whale music can be the means that some people need to help them escape from the hustle and bustle or boredom of their actual surroundings.

Extra credit: Pre-fill the player with a selection of music, or her current CDs- it’s the new mix tape!

3. Portable Video Player

The latest generation of players let you play videos on them too so it’s perfect for all sorts of women be they TV addicts, movie buffs or interested in trainings of some kind. Using commute time to relax with entertainment, or get ahead in your career with training is entirely possible with one of these devices.

Extra credit: Pre-fill the player with a selection of video clips, training or home videos of the family.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds so for the person who really wants to forget they’re in a busy train carriage surrounded by noisy people and chattering children, this could be the perfect gift.

Extra credit: remember that space is an issue so get the smallest, most effective equipment your budget will allow.

5. Tiny Netbook

Ultra light, compact PCs make the perfect commuter laptop. They are so small that they fold away and into her bag in a second and so light that she could use it seated or even standing in a busy train, holding it with one hand.

Extra credit: Pay attention to the weight, the dimensions and the battery life.