Are you glued to your laptop or any other digital device of the family day after day? Technology can really isolate you from the society or community you live in. You may be missing out on great social events. Why not shut off your computer and start knocking on doors? How will that help? Read on to find out.

You may continue to get stuck with technology – the fancier they are, the more you will want to access them. But this can hamper your relationships with your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances.

Life is not about technology but about the people you bond with. The more you interact with people, the better you will feel and fill your life with happiness and joy. Bonding with the good people in your life and knocking on their doors to share a conversation, dessert or ask them out for an activity such as, shopping, eating together or sight-seeing relaxes your mind and enlightens you, which is so much necessary for your sound health. Having a laugh together or cutting on a joke helps you get the mojo of life.

On the other hand, staying at home, glued to your laptop, watching TV or playing video games constantly does little to make you happy but isolates you from your world. Yes, they can be a part of your life but not 99% of your time. You will start to feel lonely, unwanted and uncared. Why not go out and socialize?

You will start to get invitations from friends and relatives for all kinds of parties such as, weddings or birthdays. It is fun to attend these events, which is very necessary to thrive in your life.

Technology will be there and while it makes your life easy and cozy, don’t let yourself fall into the trap. The tech guys are there to bring forth fancier and more user-friendly digital devices every day. These people have become very clever at their jobs and they know how to entice people with their stuff.

Nevertheless you don’t need every gadget out there; keep whatever you feel are most vital to you and let go of others. You weren’t born to live in isolation but to interact with people and love people and in the process, stay happy and well.

Getting stuck with technology will tire your eyes and consequently your health if you don’t take proper action. And that action is to shut off all digital stuff, go out, knock on doors and socialize. Could I reach across you?

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