Many of my clients are at wits-end trying to devise the perfect slogan idea or expression of who or what they are in their online marketing efforts.

Part of successful branding is the ability to combine the perfect message, image, and tagline to instantly speak to your prospects in a way that will tell them exactly how you can solve their problem.

Look at Nike. They are not selling shoes. They are selling an active lifestyle with the slogan “Just Do It”.

Same with Burger King. They are not selling burgers. They are solving a customer’s problem of not liking certain ingredients on their sandwich with the slogan: “Have it your way”.

McDonald’s is catering to the “me” generation along with iPod, iPhone, MySpace, Facebook, iPad, iTunes, iCoke, and so many others.

It’s not about the company or the food, it’s about experiencing the personal touch at McDonald’s with the slogan “I’m loving it”.

Today’s big advertisers are blazing a trail for us to follow. They are teaching us that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you sell, or how great your product or service is, but that the really successful marketers are focusing their efforts on their customers’ needs first and not on themselves.

So what makes a good slogan idea or company tagline? The list is endless but the following are some top tips to consider:

Slogan and Company Tagline Tips

-The slogan should solve a problem

-The tagline should speak to the emotional level of the recipient

-The slogan should be focused on the customer rather than on the seller

-The tagline should be 6 words or less

-The slogan should be easy to remember

-Rhyming slogans and taglines with alliteration are easier to remember

-Company taglines need refreshing as the culture changes

-Good slogan ideas take precision thought and an understanding of the client’s perspective

-Business taglines are generally succinct, powerful, and engaging

-Product slogans speak to the pain of the recipient

The difference between good slogan ideas and great slogan ideas is in the connection with the audience.

If you are a company or service looking to brand or re-brand yourself, follow these tips for a successful company tagline experience.

You will know by the results you receive in your marketing efforts whether or not your slogan has hit a winning home run or not.