You would think that with the release of the brand new Harry Potter film – The Deathly Hallows, that Screenlife the maker of the Harry Potter Scene It DVD Game would be producing more copies of both the 1st and 2nd editions of the popular game, but it doesn’t seem so.

In fact the games themselves are getting harder to find. Just today I was looking on Amazon and saw that they had the games for over $150 which is far too much to pay for these games. There are some cheaper versions on but most of them are used copies.

My thoughts therefore are that a new Scene It game for Harry Potter isn’t far away. It’s entirely possible that Screenlife are waiting until The Deathly Hallows have finished playing at cinema’s so that they can release a new 3rd edition that includes all of the Harry Potter movies into the one game.

Considering that the 1st edition was released in 2005 and contained just the first three movies and the 2nd edition in 2008 with the first five movies, it could be that a later version with all seven movies is coming our way late 2011.

Either that or they are moving away from the traditional board games into console games and apps for your iPhone. They recently released a Scene It game of Harry Potter on the iPhone and iPad to play. It contains clips and questions from the first six movies which can be played as either single or multi player.

The apps don’t contain as many movie clips as a DVD can hold but it’s still a fun way for fans to get their Potter fix while waiting for (hopefully) a third edition of the game.

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