When an unknown number appears on your phone screen, do you often wonder whose telephone number is this? Do you know how to find out a phone number owner is? Did you know there are literally thousands and thousands of phone number owner finder services on the internet that you can use to answer your question of whose telephone number is this? By taking the help of these telephone number owner finder services you can find out a lot of information about the owner of the telephone number you are trying to trace.

What are the things that you can get to know by using a telephone number owner finder service?

First things first. A telephone number owner finder or people finder service is officially called reverse phone number look up. These types of services can both be of the free and paid types. The free reverse phone number look up services are ideal for researching landline numbers.

But if you want to conduct searches unlisted or cellular phone numbers then you might have no choice but to settle for paid reverse cell phone look up services. Surely you don’t want to fall into the trap of searching through a ‘free’ reverse phone number look up site which will find out all information you were looking for, but will withhold information until and unless you cough up a stipulated amount of fees.

The truth is that there is no any free reverse phone lookup directories on the internet where you can find the details of the persons who an unlisted or mobile phone number belong to due to privacy reasons.

However, you can use the paid directories to find out the details you need. With the very good ones among the paid service, you will be charged around $15 to $20 to find out a host of information like the name of the caller, the previous addresses of the caller, his/her current address, his/her office designation, the address of his/her place of work, the number of members in his or her family, interesting vignettes of information on his or her family members.

You can even get to know the person’s date of birth, his/her marital status, divorce records and whether he or she has any criminal background or not and other such things. Some of these phone number owner finder services will also tell you in whose name the phone is registered, the place where it is registered, the state and city along with the zip code. Naturally you have to pay a price to obtain so much information about a single phone number.

Some of the very good ones among these directories will even give you a money back guarantee. This means you can get back 100% of your money if by any reason(s), you are not satisfied with the service.