The promotional items and associated gift industry is a growth sector with sales soaring in to the billions. Have you ever wondered who buys all these promotional items? If you guessed that the top buyers are big spending blue chip businesses and organizations who want to advertise and market their product lines, you’d be wrong. An industry study identified the top twenty-five industries that purchases promotional items and gifts by the amount spent. The results below might well surprise you.

25. The petroleum industry, including gas stations, oil distributors and refineries

24. The travel industry, including airlines, bus, trains, cruise lines and travel agencies

23. Food processors and beverage bottlers

22. Retailers and shopping malls

21. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies

20. Utilities like gas, electric and telephone companies

19. Telecommunications companies like cell phone and internet providers

18. Computers and software manufacturers

17. Restaurants and bars

16. Wholesalers and distributors

15. Media, including the broadcast and print media

14. Hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, resorts and B&Bs

13. Entertainment and sporting events

12. The insurance industry – companies, agents and adjustors

11. Manufacturers not specified by industry

10. Professionals: doctors, dentists, accountants, solicitors, architects, etc

9. Automotive dealers, parts and supplies suppliers

8. Real estate agents, title companies, appraisers

7. Trade associations, civic organizations, professional associations

6. Government, including public offices, agencies and political candidates

5. Construction, including contractors and the building trade

4. Non-profit organizations

3. Healthcare organizations: hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

2. Financial institutions: banks, insuranceAnd the number one buyers of promotional items are:

1. Educational institutions, including schools, universities and one-off seminars

Interestingly, out of the top five consumers of promotional items and promotional products, four of them sell intangible products such as education, health care, financial services and ideas. What does this say about us as a nation? Maybe it suggests that the more intangible a product or gift item is, the more we feel the need for something physical to hold as a symbol of it… or the more we need to be enticed to invest in it.

When you’re considering promotional items for use with an advertising marketing campaign, you might take a look at the most effective advertising promotions mounted by the top five industries. The effective uses of promotional items include promoting brand visibility, creating awareness, marketing new products, increasing sales of old products, boosting sales from existing customers and targeting products to new potential buyers. It is essential that you match the promotional items you choose to your marketing goals, your strategies and the overall image of your business to achieve the optimium effect.

If you need help or advice, most companies that sell promotional items have experienced planners on staff to help you effectively choose the best promotional advertising products for your needs.

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