Every day around the world parents stop and realise they don’t know where their child is. Anyone who has children can empathise…from toddlers through to young teens (not that it stops there!), kids are amazing at just running off and disappearing.

Usually of course, they turn up again in no time. But what of those occasions where they don’t, where you spend minutes or even hours frantically looking for them everywhere? In that situation a parent would give anything to have an answer to that question…”where is my child…have you seen my child?”

There is a way. You may already have heard of GPS tracking technology, used world wide in industry and security fields. But did you know that this technology has now advanced to the point where you can get key ring sized locator devices, which can be used to instantly and inexpensively keep tabs on where your kids are at any time?

A typical modern GPS child locator system consists of a transmitter (this is attached to a wrist or put in a schoolbag, etc), and your own cell phone or computer. The transmitter uses the existing GPS network to calculate its position at any time, and then transmits its location to your cellular phone or computer. The position may be given as a map coordinate, and if you are using a smart phone (like an iPhone or BlackBerry) or computer, a location can be given in real time on a high resolution map, such as Google maps or similar.

Locator systems like Amber Alert give you multiple options when it comes to receiving location updates. You can choose to receive regular updates say every 10 minutes, real time movement display on a map, or you can set certain parameters that will trigger a status update or alarm. This last feature is particularly versatile: you can set virtual “fences” and boundaries, so that if a child moves out of a set area you will be notified. Alternatively, you could set speed alerts – an alarm to notify you if your child is moving at a speed any faster than 10mph would indicate that they are no longer travelling on foot, and have entered a motor vehicle.

As you can see, GPS tracking is versatile and has the potential to keep you incredibly well informed as to where your child is, and whether or not they are safe. Imagine the relief of being able to just take out your cell phone, text your GPS tracker, and then instantly receiving a map with your child’s location.