The percentage of workers choosing Macs is growing. According to Business Insider, Apple sold 5.7 million Macs, up 3% over prior year for roughly $6.8 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2015. IBM has over 30,000 MacBooks deployed within the company and is adding 1,900 new MacBooks every week. Cisco Systems, once anti-Mac, now has 20% of its users on Mac. Apple is continuing to penetrate the enterprise market with Tim Cook saying the company now generates $25 billion in enterprise sales, up 40% from prior year. Some say that the lower total cost of ownership of a Mac is less than 25% when compared to that of a PC.

Macs integrate easily with other Apple devices. Settings stay in sync and moving data around is easy. The integration with other Apple devices is a true convenience. But there are other considerations to this mix. That sense of relief you have now should begin to fade shortly.

We wondered why there weren’t any Salesforce CRM MacMail plugins. We scanned the internet for solutions and pretty much came up empty. Some touted they were a solution, but it was more hyperbole than fact. The fact is a significant issue arises when you try to deploy an Salesforce CRM email plugin with Apple products. They simply do not work – just as there is no solution to integrate your emails into Salesforce from an iPhone. For every cross-platform business app like Salesforce, there are more plugins that are Windows-only than for Mac. And there are plugins whose Mac versions lack core functionality available only on Windows. Sadly, there are simply more plugins available for Windows-based products than there are for Mac. Simply put, there is no Salesforce CRM MacMail plugins.

Some propose an alternative such as adding a BCC or FWD email to your Email to Salesforce address. This sounds like a great alternative, but in reality, few, if any emails will ever make it through this maze.

So what to do?

A Salesforce email integration software is the only solution for both PC and Mac users. Not only will you avoid the pitfalls of a Salesforce CRM MacMail plugin within the Windows environment, you’ll actually have something that works with iOS. Email integration software that attaches to the email or calendar server or service. Plus, it easily distinguishes between internal and external emails, and totally ignores spam and other marketing emails. It can filter and consolidate results to create an activity feed for your CRM automatically.

Email integration software is hassle-free, designed to capture contacts, activities and attachments and automatically populates Salesforce to the right contact, account and opportunity. It doesn’t just update Salesforce, it identifies and adds missing contacts, activities and attachments automatically. One client was able to capture 3,500 new contacts from emails that were missing from Salesforce. Imagine having to manually enter 3,500 new contacts?

Stop searching for a Salesforce CRM MacMail plugin. Create your own CRM eco-system that accommodates Windows and iOS. Make it easy to maintain your CRM automatically. Try it free for 30-days to see what email integration software can do for you. Email us and ask for a demo.

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