The formatting became an easy and current operation, but on a laptop it can contain certain unforeseen risks, nowadays the majority of the laptops are sold with a restoration system located in a hidden partition to facilitate the restoration of the operating system, one can also finds in the hidden partition a media player customized by the manufacturer for your machine.

The problems:

Certain manufacturer to decrease their expenses do not provide any more a DVD of restoration. They invite you at the time of the first starting to burn a restoration system DVD.

It is very important to make this or these dvd because in the event of formatting (low level format) or of breakdown of your hard disk you will not have any more access to your legally bought operating system.

There is today a very significant number of user which seeks on Internet to recover their Windows OS after having to erase their hidden partition to gain place, or to get rid of a virus, or because the installation of another operating system make the hidden partition inaccessible.

In the same way for the partitions where are installed media player, it is necessary to be sure to have the DVD of reinstallment, and often the reinstallment works only on the same type of partition as in the beginning.

For those which read this document too late, there remain possibilities to recover the hidden partitions, in certain cases, some software make it possible to recover the data of an erased disc, also in certain cases the hidden partition is not erased but just inaccessible it is necessary at this time to restore the master boot record. For more information you can visit laptop support.