I discussed in an earlier review some factors that I felt extremely important when you are selecting a company to use for selling laptops. I would like to delve into this a little deeper now and will review some of the positives and negatives to be found among the more common sites available to us for selling laptops — through some brief reviews this will detail the site layout, professionalism, and expertise among a few other factors to help you to decide who to use for selling laptops to.

When it comes to the layout of the page, I found Gazelle to be very overloaded — with a lot of things that I feel should not appear on the front page of a site when you are trying to attract custom, a more positive point for Gazelle is the array of things you can trade with them — but, ask yourself does this take away their specialist factor that we mentioned? — I would maybe use Gazelle for selling my digital camera or an item that I´m not looking to trade with a site that is dedicated to what they are doing — but in my view, not selling laptops to.

A site I believe has a very simple layout and easy to navigate homepage is Laptop Trader Express, however I also mentioned that something for you to review on a personal level may be the professional feel that a site has — this is something that Laptop Trader Express is missing in my opinion. A quote is obtainable easily, but this alone is not going to make me want to sell my used computer to them, I believe if you are considering selling laptops you need a site dedicated and specialized in solely computers and selling laptops – as well as having a friendly, professional looking interface.

I believe this is found in Cash for Laptops — when I was reviewing this site I felt it was very easy to navigate and find what you need, it is not overloaded with facts and figures, as they have a blog especially for this — but the site does contain sufficient information for you and I, as the general web user, to enable use to learn about and carry out the process of selling our laptops. Another benefit and very reassuring factor I found in my review of Cash for Laptops is they hold a section especially on testimonials, with video clips of previous clients talking about their experience of selling their laptops with Cash for Laptops, another example of a company willing to provide you with confidence in selling your laptops to them.

To summarize my reviews and personal evaluations sites such as Gazelle, Laptop Trader Express, Jaybrokers and Laptops into Cash serve a purpose — but when I want to have complete satisfaction, dedication and guarantees when I´m selling my old, broken or used laptops I go to Cash for Laptops — because they offer all of this and a great price, that makes them a perfect match for me, and they can be for you too, consider these reviews when you are selling your laptops, and visit www.cashforlaptops.com where you can see the evidence of my comments.