There have been improvements in the manufacturing of printer toner cartridges. Toner found in a cartridge is dry powder blended with a polymer that sticks on to the paper as printing takes place. A laser fuses the toner to the paper. The heat melts the granules of toner which allows it stick to the paper. The size of the toner granules affects the quality of the resolution. Particle size affects the resolution. The smaller the granules, the finer the resolution of the print will be. People choose toners due to the ability to print many pages, quality of the print, and the printing speed. Toner cartridges are larger than inkjet cartridge and can produce a lot of print outs. The two types of cartridges are standard toners and high yield toners. When choosing a cartridge, it is important to understand the differences between standard and high yield toner cartridges.

Toner cartridge manufacturers have developed more efficient and cost effective. The differences between standard and high yield toner cartridges are as follows:

Standard Toner: This type yields less output of paper than high yield toner cartridges. The standard yield is about 3,000 pages with some brands producing more. The quality print is excellent on a wide range of types of paper. It works with combination laser and LED fax/copy/scan printers. Many different printer manufacturers make standard ones. As well, standard toner cartridges cost less than high yield toner cartridges.

High Yield Toner: High Yield ones contain more toner than traditional ones. Print output can vary, but depending on the type of cartridge you buy, it can be up to 10 000 pages. The very fine particles create superior resolution with no smudges. Many different printer manufacturers make high yield ones. It is easy to install. Printed pages can amount to just pennies for each paper printed. It is easy to install design and produces professional results quickly. As well, high yield toner cartridges will cost a bit more than a standard yield type.

Empty cartridges are normally refilled by the vendor, although some customers will refill or replace a cartridge themselves. It is important to know what you are doing. When you go to purchase a new printer, or cartridges, your choice depends on your needs. If you have a printing output that is very high on a daily basis, a high yield one is a good choice.

Almost all people who own a computer will have a computer printer. If you print a lot of documents, cartridges are a good selection. Tone cartridges are used in laser printers and are popular for the high volume output and print quality. The quality of the print is sharp and clear. There are many brand name toners and generic cartridges available. No matter which type of toner you use, make sure it is compatible with the printer and produces the amount of printed documents that you require.

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