Moleskine notebooks have a reputation. A big one. And although they aren’t cheap notebooks (not really that expensive either) they are extremely appealing and popular. But if you were to ask people why they are so popular most of them won’t know. And those that do know, also own one, and will tell you many different reasons.

For those thinking about getting one, here are 8 reasons why Moleskine notebooks are so popular.

1. The most obvious and well known reason is that these notebooks were used by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Vincent van Gogh among others. They were used quite a bit in their travels and used frequently.

2. They are very durable. The cover does a great job of protecting the paper within. And the bind stands up to a lot of usage and time.

3. They lay flat. As an artist or writer, there is nothing more distracting then fighting with a notebook to keep it open while writing or drawing. The Moleskine lays flat which is great for drawing and writing.

4. They come out in many different sizes. You can get them small enough to fit in your back pocket or get one that is the size of your typical notebook.

5. They also come in different formats. There are different styles of notebooks. You can get them with blank pages, lined pages, or even pages with grids.

While these are great reasons alone to use a moleskine, the following reasons are the real reason they are so appealing.

6. They wear out well. The charm of the Moleskine notebook really comes out once it becomes a “used” notebook. A small notebook sitting in someone’s pocket for some time begins to form and change shape to fit in the pocket and against the body. It’s almost as if it adapts and changes shape. In a good way. It becomes comfortable.

7. Having a full Moleskine. As above, there is something extremely satisfying when you fill up a Moleskine. The charm of it all really comes out when you look at the worn bind and full pages. Fill up several of these and it makes the effect even better.

8. Everyone has their own reason. As artists and writers, a lot of people have their little quirks. For example some artists are only inspired when they use a certain pencil. Or some writers can only type on an old typerwriter. These things that seem mundane and pointless to others are a muse in a way for many artists. And that is where the Moleskine fall for some as well. It becomes a motivator of sorts. An inspiration.

So if your considering getting a Moleskine notebook, if it seems appealing to you, then get one. Try it out for awhile and let it grow on you. Eventually you will see the charm and appeal that everyone raves about. Even if you don’t stick with that particular kind of notebook, you will at least have a better understanding.

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