The acronym PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange, which is basically just another term for a telephone system, also known as a switchboard. These units are usually used as an internal telephone system in offices.

PABX systems will often have a lot of internal lines connecting to one main switchboard. The reason that the word branch is referred to in the term, is because there are many different mediums connected to a PABX system, connecting all aspects of the system within the business together. PABX systems are incredibly complex machines in that they can be used as telephones, modems and fax machines, and can be used for employees to communicate internally.

How a PABX essentially works is that it is a modem which acts as the central control station. Whenever a new call comes in, it is routed through this control station. Since the PABX has been assigned to special codes per each phone number within in the company, or each extension if you will, the call is going to be directed to the correct place using that assigned code. A PABX can also be programmed so that it greets each caller with an automated message before the call goes through to the assigned line. With regards to the fax function, you can program a line that goes through from the central control station to the fax machine. The machine can also be programmed to go to numerous fax machines.

PABX machines are now being modernised in that they can now be controlled by a computer system which tracks all incoming and outgoing calls. This computer system can be personalised in that it limits who makes calls to certain networks. It is also a very good way of keeping track of employees’ private telephone usage at work.

PABX machines are excellent for businesses because they can be used as auto attendants. By doing this the call will be handled to a certain extent even if there is no-one to answer the call. In this respect, PABX systems are highly effective for large businesses that receive a lot of calls. PABXs are lovely office machines as they have a wide range of different functions besides the ones mentioned above. PABX systems can be used to conduct conference calls, which is incredibly useful if business people do not have time to meet for a face to face meeting. This is very helpful for international clients that can only be met with telephonically.

In conclusion it can easily be seen that a PABX can be of great use to a business. There are many telecommunications companies that sell PABX systems and offer special deals. Some of these deals include actually renting the unit for your company and paying a monthly fee to use it. PABX systems can be quite expensive, and therefore there are packages available which will allow the company to pay a monthly fee to pay off their PABX system. With regards to what it is offering your company in respect to communications and professionalism, the cost can be justified!