There are a few errors that one comes across while using a computer and fixing them at an early stage is always better than to linger them on. Such errors if not taken care of early might cause greater harm to the computer not only at the at the software level but also to the hardware of the computer. One of the most common errors faced by the users of the Windows operating system at some time or the other is the error coded: 0x80070570. This error occurs mainly while upgrading the system from one version of the Windows operating system, say Windows Vista to a higher version like Windows 7.

What is error code: 0x80070570?

Error messages are set along with the error codes mainly to give the user an idea about what possibly might have caused the error. The error code: 0x80070570 also gives a message that mainly says that the file or the directory is either corrupted or otherwise unreadable. This error occurs basically when Windows takes its updates automatically or is taken manually by the user from Microsoft. The computer returns a message to the user that the required files for the completion of the installation are not found. They might either be corrupted or might be missing and hence the user needs to make sure that all the files required for installation are available before restarting the process of installation once again. This error might eventually land your computer into various other problems like freezing, gadget inefficiency, hardware failures and abnormally slowing down of your machine activity.

What might be the possible causes of the error?

There might be many possible reasons for getting the error 0x80070570 on a Windows based system apart from the one mentioned above. But as the message itself reads, the main reason is that the application is unable to find the required files for the completion of the process of up gradation. This might be caused due to some errors in registry settings or otherwise the registry being corrupted due to the missing of some files from it. The error might also occur due to the presence of virus or malware in the computer. Computers that are not updated on a regular basis are also prone to this error.

How to tackle the error?

There are many ways of tackling this error. The most common solution to deal with this error is the cleaning of the registry. Cleaning of the registry can be done manually as well as with the help of software. There are a number of soft wares available in the market that does clean the registry on execution. Manual cleaning of the registry can be a bit risky as it contains many important files which on deletion can cause major damage to the system. Hence it is always better not to touch the registry without proper knowledge. Cleaning of the registry usually solves this error and the up gradation completes successfully. Windows systems always need a good and effective anti-virus program to protect it from viruses and worms. These anti-virus programs should be updated regularly in order to provide maximum level of security to the systems. After all these jobs are done and precautions are taken, the system can be successfully upgraded to a newer and higher version of Windows without the occurrence of any error.