While mobile apps are relatively new, they have become popular in terms of downloads and usage for many daily tasks of life. They have also become useful educational tools as students have a platform for learning that keeps them engaged. Foreign language is one example of a subject to which apps are being developed for. But developing an effective app which will keep the user’s attention as well as help them improve their skills is not an easy task. This article will focus on two key points that mobile app developers should keep in mind when developing a foreign language app.

#1: Make Sure That It Has Good Engaging Explanations For Each Concept Learned

The best example of an app that utilizes this is Memrise. Whenever it introduces a new word or concept, it shows some unique ways of memorizing it such as a visual concept that will help one remember the word or taking a certain part of the word and relating it to a common or popular concept in English. This kind of mental stimulation helps one remember the word and the proper context in which it is used for that respective language.

It is important that any foreign language app have this same kind of function. As important as it is for the student to learn new concepts, they must also be able to do so in a manner that will help them remember each concept well. It is never enough just to throw out the word and except the user to memorize it. It is much easier if the app can make use of images or other methods that make memorizing and understanding each word much easier.

#2: Make Sure That It Has A Practice Function Which Makes Use Of A Level Up Tool

Duolingo is a foreign language app that has an excellent practice tool. It allows you to review each concept and as you continue to practice and get more questions correct, you move up in fluency percentage which you can post on your LinkedIn account. This is an excellent idea for any foreign language tool. It is never enough to have a simple practice function as the user might get mindlessly bored of practicing after some time. If the app had a level-up tool which the user could then post the level on some form of social media, it would increase the incentive for users everywhere to practice on a constant basis as it could be a sort of friendly competition. Also, if the app allowed users to post on LinkedIn, it could grab the attention of the user’s network and possibly help him/her land a significant job in the near future. A level-up tool could help the user both personally and professionally.

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