Portable DVD players are something that many people have invested in. They are great for long car rides and other places where you might not have access to a television and DVD player. Since it’s so compact, it is a nice device for entertainment. While these are good devices, there are some alternatives that have come up in recent years that can do the same thing. Learn what these other types of devices are.

First of all, you can do the same thing on a laptop that you can do on a portable DVD player. Of course a laptop is a bit more expensive for this purpose alone, but it will get the job done since they have DVD players in them. Typically a laptop will be a better device for this since there is much longer battery life that will last long enough for whole movies. If you are already going to bring your computer anyway, consider not having the DVD player along and saving some space.

A netbook could replace this type of device. Not only does a very basic netbook only cost a little more than a portable DVD player, it is much more functional. Many would argue that there is a flaw in this since a netbook can’t play DVD’s. You can buy or rent movies from places like iTunes or Amazon that you can watch on your netbook itself. It’s an alternative device for playing movies.

An alternative is to use your video MP3 player. Just like the netbook, these devices can play digital content. There are thousands of songs and videos to put on these devices to enjoy. While the screens are a bit smaller that you normal device, the battery lasts much longer and these MP3 players are much more portable.

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