Everybody needs a good luggage set. Frequent travelers and jet setters may have a closet full of suitcases and carry-on luggage but even people who do not travel that often should also invest in a sturdy luggage set, or at least a durable suitcase. Of course, it is still better to buy a suitcase, a carry on, a toiletry kit and even a garment bag.

There are also many things you need to consider in choosing your own luggage. You have to choose something that is durable and yet comfortable to use, fashionable but can be maximized and lightweight but has strong wheels and handles. Quite easy? Wait until you are already in the department store; every brand will offer you those qualifications!

Every single brand of luggage will undoubtedly attract you with their products and stuff by convincing you they have everything you are looking for. The task may seem easy to the veteran traveler but for newbies, the task seems daunting. To help you out with the task, here is a list of some of the top rated luggage brands in the market.

Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22-inch Framed Expandable Carry-on

The Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler carry-on has it all; it has a roomy space inside, it can be classy and rugged at the same time. It is also made of ballistic-nylon which proves to be a very durable material. Some reviewers have tested the bag by throwing it down the stairs and yet the Tumi Alpha emerged undamaged, even unaffected by the effort.

This may be the reason why people still buy it despite the limited warranty of 1 year for damage and 5 years for defects. Who will need an unlimited warranty if your bag is practically indestructible? Experts say it will last longer than most of its less expensive competitors. In many conducted tests, it seems as if the Tumi Alpha is king in terms of space, convenience and durability.

For travelers who would like to travel light though, and those avoiding the dreaded excess baggage weight, the Tumi Alpha may not be ideal as the empty luggage alone weighs more than 11 pounds. It can also be a little awkward to place in the overhead bin according to some reviewers. On top of that, the Tumi Alpha proves that everything has a price, itself costing around $600.

Red Oxx Air Boss

*Est. $225 Learn More For its size and weight of 4 pounds, the Red Oxx Air Boss can be considered expensive at around $250, but the price is worth it because the bag is made of urethane-coated Cordura nylon which is an extremely durable material. It can accommodate several days’ worth of clothing in its three compartments and you can even fit a laptop inside.

Ideal for business travelers, the Air Boss can be rugged and classy at the same time. It also provides real convenience because it is very easy to carry especially when the user carries it with the single shoulder strap. The Air Boss also provides a full lifetime warranty with free repairs so it is really a great investment.

Unlike the Tumi Alpha, the Air Boss is much convenient to place in the overhead compartment of the plane because its size meets the carry on requirements and is not at all bulky. For the fashion conscious, the Air Boss also comes in 12 colors. It will also help you stay organized with its many compartments and keep your things protected with the zippers which have protective flaps over them.

Eagle Creek Tarmac 22

Many reviewers say that the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 has got to be the best luggage we have in the market today. It is very durable but at just 8 pounds, it weighs less than its other luggage competitors. Eagle Creek also offers a lifetime warranty for its luggage and the warranty even covers airline damage, so there’s practically no reason not to get this one.

The only thing lacking with the Tarmac 22 is a garment bag, which is nothing compared to the benefits you get from using this luggage. It is said to be a lot better than both its cheaper and more expensive counterparts. The Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 is expandable and has clever compartments including a zippered shoe holder

Though the size of the carry-on may exceed the typical airline rules and regulations by a teensy bit, no user has yet reported that they were not allowed to bring their Tarmac 22 on board. Also, even if it did exceed the limit, it is not awkward to place it inside the overhead bin because it fits just right. And the best thing about the Tarmac 22 is that it only costs a little over $200.

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