The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with. Recovering from a business devastation is not a good Business Continuity plan BCP. Many companies lack a game plan to make sure that their business can function at 100% health should disaster ever occur. Many claim to have a continuity plan in place but in reality what they have is a disaster recovery plan, meaning that when situations hit the fan, they have off site temporary premises to operate from and off site back up of all their files in an event of a total disruption of production. Your plan should extend beyond the technology department of your business. A successful consist of more than just your IT department. What makes your enterprise a successful business:

1 – The Staff: without the staff the business ceases to exist. How do you replace the knowledge and skill set your staff brings to the table in a matter of days? How much will your company avoid by not having the key personnel to look after your operation. Whereabouts is there a pool of people you can secure in order to sustain your business afloat should any of your indispensable staff members turn out unable to work whether permanently or temporarily?

2 – Equipment: Can all your equipment be easily replaced or is there some significant machinery that requires customization and lead time? Is there any key machinery that you should consider buying beforehand?

3 – Software and data: have all systems and data been backed up to off site server?

4 – Paper trail: have all paperwork been copied and stored at off site facilities?

The first step in testing your plan would be to develop a business continuity committee for your business, consisting of representatives from every main business areas, including top personnel in the finance department, facilities department and IT department.

Once the committee is established you must be constant in the maintenance of your plan. Your test for recovery from a disaster should not only be that your IT systems operates effectively from a remote area but equally be current and be able to function from the exact point where the system crashed with no loss of information / data.

Consider the worse case scenario, plan for every conceivable contingency and should you be so unlucky to experience a Katrina type of event with your business, you will not have to depend on FEMA’s expedient help to remain operatable.