Software programs are the lifeblood of our computers, without up to date software programs we wouldn’t be able to do all of the things that we need to do on our computers.

Some software updates may not be quite as necessary as others, but regular updates to some software are crucial to provide necessary security against the latest internet threats.

What Types of Updates are a Necessity?

If you spend time on the internet, send and receive e-mails or send and receive instant messages then internet security software is a necessity. Internet security software is what will protect you against viruses, spy-ware, ad-ware, mal-ware and all other sorts of threats present to those who spend time on the internet. New viruses and other forms of internet threats are generated every single day, in order for you to stay safe from these threats you need the best and most up to date security that you can get.

Some internet security software companies, like the producers of Norton Internet Security 2009, are constantly generating protection from the latest forms of internet threats and they make these updates available for their customers as soon as they are ready. Subscribers to Norton Internet Security 2009 can receive “pulse” updates that are available with up to the minute protection to ensure that the user is protected from every type of threat as soon as it’s discovered.

Continuously updating your computer security software is an absolute necessity if you want your computer to be protected and to be running as fast and efficient as it’s capable.

What Types of Updates are Optional?

Some software companies tend to go a little bit overboard with updates, releasing a “brand new” version of a program when their users have barely even gotten a chance to get used to the previous version of the same program. These are the updates that you have to make a decision as to whether of not you want or need it enough to download the update.

You sometimes need to be wary of potential bugs that may be introduced with updates, manufacturers all too often rush the release of an update and let it hit the market before all of the bugs and incompatibilities are worked out. It’s not always necessary for a software package to be updated every few weeks or months.

For software packages or programs that you have installed on your computer that don’t have to do with your PC’s security, you have the freedom to be able to choose when and if you will install an update without the fear of an imminent threat making the decision for you. You can take the time to take into account how much you like the current version of the software and how well it runs on your system. You can compare the features listed in the update to the features of the version that you are currently running – if the features on the version you have are more appealing to you, or if the new version has no new features that you want or need, then you don’t have to update. You have the freedom to sit back and wait for reviews and reactions to the latest updates of programs that you are running, if the risk of incompatibilities outweighs the new features offered you can wait until the bugs are worked out in a future update, or just keep running the current version that you already have installed.

Ultimately – any update that becomes available on any type of is optional, but you can keep your computer running at an optimal level by continuously updating software as the updates become available. Any updates that fix existing problems with software that you run are beneficial to download, as is any update that will increase the speed of the programs you are running, but the biggest benefit of updates comes with security software. Continuously updating your security software guarantees that you will be safe from the latest threats that may invade and cause problems with your PC, it will give you the piece of mind to surf the internet freely because you are protected.

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