One major advantage to using an online calendar is the accessibility you have to the calendar at all times. Assuming you have a phone with internet access that is, you can access your calendar anytime anywhere. This is important because when something comes up and you are told you need to reschedule a day or an event etc, and you are told this when you are out with the family or working out, if you do not have access to a calendar at that time you will have to wait until you are finished whatever you are doing and go to where your calendar is, either an ancient paper calendar or one just connected to your laptop. Where there are a lot of things that happen between the time before you have a chance to put it in your calendar.

There is a good chance then you will forget to put it on your calendar and ultimately forget the change and cause a lot of problems. For instance, losing a big business deal or spending important time with a friend of family, which would cause stress, disappointment, a sense of failure etc. Also not having the access you need at the time would cause someone to stress until they get the information into their calendar, which is not good if you have to be focused on the things of the day ahead of you.

Another thing an online calendar does is eliminates confusion, especially if you have a group online calendar: for instance a shared online family calendar. The wedding rehearsal for your nephew Tom and his fiance Linda is scheduled at 6 pm on Friday at the church and is now 7pm on Saturday at Uncle Lou’s house, it would be good for everyone to know in advance, which a shared group online calendar can provide. With changes like this, an online calendar saves people a lot of time. Trying to individually get a hold of 200 people to tell them the changes can be extremely time consuming and unproductive. By saving time and being more productive you will have extra time to spend with your family or whatever you feel like doing with that extra time.

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