Are you a Gamer? Do you play video games? Chances are you are a Video Gamer.

According to a recently published study by the Entertainment Software Association, over 68% of Americans play video games on a PC or console. Additionally, 43% of all Video Gamers are female and the age of the average Video Gamer is 35 years old.

So chances are, you are a Video Gamer.

Now wouldn’t you love to own a business that sells a product or service that you personally use and enjoy, is used by 68% of American households, whose average consumer is 35 years old, and which generates over $20 billion in sales annually?

Video Gaming is big business and a number of franchises are positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. These franchises understand that there has been a shift in the way people are spending their entertainment dollars and that video games provide the consumer tremendous value for the money spent.

Video franchises also understand the demographics of the industry. Not only do females make up 43% of Video Gamers they also make up nearly 50% of the purchasers of games, consoles and accessories. Store designs and layouts must be bright and clean with interactive displays to appeal to families and to ease parents’ concerns about letting their kids visit and shop in the store. The ESA study also found that parents are present 92% of the time video games are purchased or rented.

Savvy franchisers also understand that hardcore gamers are not the only market. Casual gamers may also be tapped with products and services designed to pull them in. Services such as game rentals, try before you buy, console upgrades and game tournaments just to name a few.

In fact, game rooms for tournaments are a critical component of a successful Video Game store. Not only can it provide a high-net revenue stream, but it can also convert a casual gamer into a hardcore gamer while providing a safe and fun way to make new friends. Game rooms can also be used for birthday parties and other private video gaming get-togethers.

Some franchises offer a mobile gaming experience; a mobile gaming lounge that can accommodate as may as 16 people playing the latest games individually or all at once! Great for birthday parties, corporate events, fund raisers, sporting events, fairs and festival, etc. All held in the convenience of the host’s own location.

Video Gaming franchises offer a fun and exciting means of tapping into the $20 billion gaming industry by buying, selling and trading the latest new and used games, consoles and accessories, as well as renting games, repairing game consoles, discs PCs and laptops, hosting in-store tournaments and providing a mobile gaming lounge at the customer’s location. The popularity of video games and the multiple revenue streams offer an opportunity for significant income and strong return on investment.

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