Trap lines are an extremely useful investigative tool in skip tracing and other investigations such as a current place of employment locate. When you need to find out where someone works..The idea behind using a trap line is that if you capture the telephone number that the party is dialing from, you have a fact that they were at this location at the time of the call. This could be their home address or if hey are on the run a crash house or motel room.

If you properly set it up and ask them to call at a certain time, they could be calling from their work location. Of course, once you get the number they call from, you need to turn the telephone number you captured into an address.

A trap line will capture the incoming phone number even if it is unlisted or if Caller ID information is blocked. One may ask, how does a trap line get around the caller ID block? It’s actually very easy and simple through the user of a toll-free number dialed. You could actually set up one yourself through a toll free 800 number. The problem is, you have to wait to get the bill to get the number the party called from.

What a trap line does is it provides real time ANI (Automatic Number Identification). That means you get instant customer name and address information. This information can be emailed directly to your laptop or blackberry so you can quickly swoop in on the target such as in the case of a bail skip, fugitive or non custodial kidnapping case.

Trap lines can be used in every area of skip tracing. Bail jumpers, run away teens, parental kidnapping and infidelity investigations. Trap lines have been used successfully in all of these areas of investigations. If you are an investigator you need to maintain a few trap lines but if you do not have one there are companies that rent trap lines and can have you set up and ready to go in minutes. Be sure to get your trap line from some recognized as an expert in telephone investigations. Do a Google search on their name and company name to see if they are recognized as an expert in the field of skip tracing and telephone investigations before you rent a trap line.