The E-Commerce websites are basically the online store. These are used to showcase the products in order to generate the online leads from the new geographies. The evolution in the internet technology has brought a remarkable change in the life of a common man. People are using the internet services in order to search the products and services. The evolution of the internet services has also made the life of the seller little easier, owing to the fact that it is possible to sell the products in the different markets while sitting in a room using the laptop.

Developing an E-Commerce website is certainly a tough job as these websites require high functionality. It has been an observation that visitors don’t spend much time on the website if they found anything confusing. So, it is indeed the demand of every client to have a very functional web.

Let me discuss some of the functions which every user looks for in the website.

Easy Navigation: Proper linking is a very important feature of any website. The user needs to move from one web page to another in order to search the desired product. If the user doesn’t get advanced browsing experience, then he will certainly not waste any time on your website. He will navigate to some other website if he finds difficulty in navigation from one web page to other.

Filter: The E-Commerce Websites are believed to contains the huge array of products. The online store contains the complete range of products. Some of which are useful for the users while some of the items are irrelevant for the buyers. As people don’t have much time to scroll down to the bottom most part of the page, all they need is a very effective filter which can help them in finding a relevant product. In PHP based websites, it is possible to provide custom search option. This helps in providing the most relevant search results.

Login Page: This page is an essential feature of every online store. It is provided so that people can create their account on the store. The buyers need this page to do shopping from the website.

These are some essential features which are required to make the website highly functional. These features provide advanced browsing experience to the users. As a developer, one should always keep these things in mind in order to develop highly functional web.

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