When it comes to purchase a printing device for your computer set up, whether in the office or in your home, you will find different options. A wide range of printing equipments is available in the market at various prices. Every one is unique in its specifications and characteristics. You are at a different to decide what to purchase and what not. Therefore, this article is written to provide you awareness about different types of printing devices available in the market. I hope that after reading these few lines you will be able to select one right printer for computer according to your requirement.

Initially when computer was introduced in the market, it was just a typing machine. People used it mainly to reduce the labor of manual typewriter machine. Another advantage was that data typed in your computer remained saved for a long time and also it was possible to change it as and when required. So for this much task of computer, people had been using dot printers. This was just six or eight pin device which in its developed form is now available in the market in 24 pin models. Result of these latest dot printers is much better. Large carriage size dot printers are used in offices to print larger statements.

Besides the above mentioned traditional printing devices, ink jet printing equipments have been introduced in the market which is also advanced shape of the dot type printing equipments. Further, rapid development in computer technologies has also launched a number of laser printing equipments. These are incredible. Particularly, the color laser printing equipments are really amazing. These high quality devices are very important component of a decent office set up. You may also use them at your home to print your photographs or presentations. These were different types of computer printing apparatus that has evolved after a number of development stages.