Yes, there’s a lot of hype around the Aeron Chair made by Herman Miller. The Aeron has won numerous awards and has been elevated into a status symbol. But what is you want a different ergonomic office furniture? The below are the top aeron chair competitors on the ergonomic office chair market.

Top Aeron Chair Competitors

#1. Steelcase Leap – $849 – one of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market and winner of a multitude of design awards for its ergonomics. Also rated by Wall Street Journal as the best desk chair. While the Aeron chair is made of mesh material, Steelcase designed the Leap Chair with a special foam that is comfortable yet allows for “breathability”.

#2. Freedom by Humanscale – $899 – The Freedom is kind of a sleeper in this category as it doesn’t get much hype in the public. Don’t let that dissuade you from this beautifully crafted ergonomic offic chair. The Freedom chair is also the winner of 10 international design awards. The main difference between the Aeron and this chair being it is highly independent of knobs and levers. Once this chair is fitted (set your height, etc) – then the chair will automatically adjust to the sitter. It has a self adjusting recline and revolutionary armrests that move in tandem to eliminate dangers of uneven arm positioning.

The Distant Competitors:

These chairs don’t live up to the greatness of the ones mentioned above but are a worthy competition for the Aeron chair if you are price conscious and want to spend less:

#3. Steelcase Think – $619 – Simple and elegant. The successor to the Leap, and less cost.

#4. Humanscale Liberty – $859 -Successor to Freedom chair by Humanscale.

#5. Herman Miller Mirra – $599 – High functioning ergonomic furniture with a one piece frameless back that adjusts to your spine.

#6. Herman Miller Celle – $449 – The chair’s back is made to look like the cells of a body, which weave together to make the back support.

#7. Herman Miller Embody – $1099 – while this furniture is more expensive than the Aeron (and most other ergonomic chairs), it is billed as the next big thing in ergonomic seating.

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