Nothing beats having a home karaoke system to brush up on your singing skills or to make a party more alive. If you have your own system at home you don’t have to go out weekends and spend money to sing.

Further, having your home karaoke system allows you to have fun without necessarily spending cash for drinks if you were at a bar. It is a great way to bond with the whole family by competing with each other and seeing who has the highest score from the machine’s scoring system.

To be able to set up your home karaoke system, you need to buy the following components:

1. Multi-format Karaoke Disk Player

This is much better than the CDG Player only, which can only play songs in CDG format. You want to make sure your player can play songs that are in VCD, DVD, and mp3 format as well. The only features that you need though are key controls, play, and a quick and easy to operate song selector. Don’t buy models that have feature names you don’t even understand because chances are you’re never going to use those features.

The technologically inclined can use their laptop or PC as a disk player.

2. Microphones

Make sure that you buy a pair of these for those times you want to sing duets. The choice of buying wireless or wired is up to you however you have to keep in mind the positive as well as negative attributes of each of the two. Many are inclined to use the more expensive wireless mic. The problem this type of microphone is

that it has to have noise canceling filters for you to avoid feedback when the mic loses signal. Also you need to have fresh batteries handy because when the power drains, no more singing.

You don’t really need a microphone with out of this world features for simple home use. Any good quality mic whether wired or wireless that has good audio pick up and can handle high and low voice ranges does the job pretty well.

3. Monitor

Any flat screen TV can be used as a monitor and it’s better its a bigger screen so you don’t miss out reading the lyrics.

4. Heavy Duty Stereo Speakers

Not all speakers are designed for a home karaoke system. Karaoke speakers must be able to make you sound like a pro and allows you to eliminate feedback. You have to choose your speakers carefully because not all speakers sound great when you crank up the volume..

5. Mixer / Amplifier

No I’m not referring to the mixing boards that have sliders because they are of more use to a recording studio. What you need is a high quality mixer/amplifier that has controls for channels as well as it has a graphic equalizer.

6. Music

What’s the use of a karaoke system without of course, music? Days before the party, you have to acquire karaoke music stored in discs. If it’s party for the kids, you can stock up on nursery rhymes and songs for kids and the adults can collect songs from their favorite artists then its fun time.

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