I like to read in bed. It is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it is often interrupted by sliding or malformed pillows and backaches. Reading in bed, or watching TV, should be about to book not about battling your pillows and enduring discomfort. There are simple effective solutions to practically every possible bed comfort challenge. They include things such as a bed rest pillow, back support pillow, lumbar support pillow, neck support pillow or a reading pillow.

I had one particularly bad evening reading in bed. Just as I would get into my book a pillow would slip. I kept reading, ignoring the inconvenience until something else would slide out of place. After a while I became so uncomfortable I had to stand up and reset all the pillows. I was very annoyed by having to leave my story. At the end of the evening I vowed I would find a better way to read in bed. Here are solutions I found and that have all but eliminated the issues I was having. They will dramatically improve your reading experience as well.

* Bed Rest Pillow – This is a firm back support pillow that props you up in an ideal reading position. It has arm rests to support your upper body and arms. It does a great job of keeping you upright and reading. I often add a pillow behind my head to add some support, but I am pretty tall.

* Bed Lounge Pillow – This adjustable pillow looks similar to the bed rest pillow, but is much more ergonomically correct. It can be adjusted in several ways to provide you with customized support. It allows you to sit upright or lean back in a lounge position. It is more versatile than the bedrest pillow therefore it is more expensive. It is certainly worth the extra expense.

* Lumbar Support Pillow – This is a small pillow in the shape of a cylinder or half cylinder. It is placed in the small of the back to keep the lumbar in the proper position. Even with all the support given by a proper reading pillow, a lumbar pillow adds further support to the back improving your chances of having an enjoyable reading session. I use mine in many different situations where my back needs a little more support.

* Reading Pillow – This is a pillow that has two distinct connected sections for added flexibility and support. The top is a regular pillow and the bottom is thicker with more support. Your back is nicely supported. It can be used in a few different ways; you can sit straight up, lay back like a lounge or lay all the way down giving you more neck and upper back support. Unlike the bed rest pillow and the bed lounge, the reading pillow can also be used comfortably for sleeping.

* Reading Light – A reading light is very important to an enjoyable reading experience. When light comes from above or behind the book, the light hitting your eyes causes the pupils to contract. The smaller pupils make the book more difficult to see; this causes extra eye strain. A light placed behind the reader removes all of these issues and make the works jump off the page. You can enjoy and longer reading session without straining your eyes.

* Leg Wedge or Leg Lounge – Another way to remove stress and pressure from the lower back while reading in bed is to place a pillow under the knees. Regular pillows generally are not firm enough to do the trick; they compress losing their effectiveness. That is where a leg wedge, leg lounge or leg roll come in to play. They are firm and will not lose their shape during the reading session.

I hope that by sharing this information you will be able to solve the difficulties you are experiencing while reading. With just a little effort you will transform your reading time from enjoyable to truly pleasurable.