The used car industry is huge because cars cost a lot of money. The same is true with the used fitness equipment and used treadmill market. Obviously not as robust as the used car industry – but the used fitness equipment market is thriving nevertheless. This is good for those of you selling a used treadmill or some other fitness equipment. This article sets out some ideas to help you sell your used treadmill (or any used fitness equipment).

Think Locally

In most cases, used fitness equipment such as treadmills are sold locally. Shipping is costly and a barrier to purchasers. Moreover, most treadmill buyers like to physically inspect their purchases and they are not likely willing to fly or spend 2 days in a car just to inspect a treadmill.

Online Classified Ads

Assuming you’ll sell it locally, you want to list your used treadmill in as many places as possible – probably mostly on the Internet. Craigslist is an obvious place because it’s the biggest classified ads site in the world. And it’s free. However, see what the cost is to list your used fitness equipment in local newspapers – both print and online. That said, I don’t think I would pay for listing a used treadmill… well at least until I saw how it did on Craigslist and other classified ads websites.

Another lesser-well-known, but growing classified ads website is Kijiji. It’s very easy to use and gets decent local exposure as well. Most towns and geographical locations are available and you can list used fitness equipment. What about print classified ads. Up to you – but I would try the free exposure online before paying anything for print ads. That said, many people read the local print papers still, so there is value in listing in the print classified ads.

What About Print Ads in the Local Newspaper?

These are still effective, but I would try the free online classified ads before shelling out money for print ads. Online ads are fast (posted same-day), free, and give you tons of space to post images and do a nicely detailed write-up. That said, many people still read local newspapers, so if you aren’t having much luck with your online ads, consider the local newspaper classified ads. Note that most local newspapers now have online classified ads as well.

Take Quality Photographs

Okay, you’ve targeted some places to post your ad, what should you include? First and foremost, take some pictures of your used fitness equipment. And make sure they look good. Bad pictures do not sell products. Post as many pictures as you’re allowed. Take photos from different angles and various distances. Get close-ups of the console.

Writing the Used Fitness Equipment Ad

What about writing the ad? Use as much space as you’re allowed. Be detailed and set out some or all of the following:

  • Write a catchy title that appeals to both emotions and logic.
  • Details and specifications of the treadmill / used fitness equipment. If you’re selling a used treadmill – set out motor horsepower, speed, incline, workout programs, etc. Think of it as a product display page you would see on Amazon or the actual treadmill manufacturer’s site.
  • How much you paid, what it costs now (if still sells at retail), and of course your price. Always include your price.
  • Whether the warranty, if any, transfers. Call the manufacturer and inquire about this. Many treadmills have 20 plus year warranties – so it should transfer. Buyers will want to know about this.
  • Whether you’ll pay for shipping. Look into it – there might be some decent freight charges. That said, your best market is local because people like to inspect big-ticket purchases such as a used treadmill.
  • When you bought it and why you’re selling.
  • State whether you’ll let prospective buyers test the used fitness equipment.
  • State how you’ll take payment (i.e. check, cash, money order, etc.).
  • State whether you’ll help a buyer load it – this is useful information for a buyer because they can come alone.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information.
  • If the place you post your ad has an expiration date, not down the expiration date in your calendar so you can renew your ad if your used fitness equipment or used treadmill has not sold.