Retail marketing is an industry with many years of experience and knowledge in which techniques are tried and tested. By understanding the customer’s journey around a store and knowing at which points in that journey various touch points can be used to trigger an emotional reaction, retailers can make the most of their shopping environment. Pretty much all retail stores in the UK rely on point of sale display stands to encourage emotionally triggered impulse buying from their customers; it’s just that some are more effective than others! Here’s a brief taster of three of the most common point of sale display units that marketers use in your everyday stores:

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

FSDU’s are placed around shops at key points in the customer journey and are particularly useful for promoting short term offers and limited edition products. Due to the fact that they are free-standing, they can easily be put up and then away again once the promotion is over. These are usually designed to be particularly eye-catching and exciting and are best placed at the entrance to the store to grab customer’s initial attention or at aisle ends where customers expect offers.

Counter Top Display Units (CDUs)

Counter Top Display Units are, as the name suggests, placed on counter tops to encourage impulse buys just before customers pay. Because they are small and the counter top is usually a very noisy area with lots of other products competing for attention, CDU’s are often designed in an original and eye-catching way. Cut-outs are regularly used and they will usually have strong branding to alert customers to the products they usually impulse-buy like chewing gum and chocolate bars.


Wobblers are used a lot in large supermarkets and are used at shelf-level to encourage impulse buying. They can be offer based or inspirational and can work very well when triggering an emotional response. They are also useful to cross-sell, a wobbler sitting in front of a packet of burgers may remind customers to not forget the buns.

There are of course many more POS items on offer to retailers, and they are becoming more creative and strategic as shoppers in turn become increasingly savvy. POS marketing is all about creating theatre within a store and knowing what will trigger a buying response from customers, and new ideas are being tried all the time by the leading retailers and their POS agencies.