When arranging a home office, it’s important to consider one’s needs and everyday tasks they perform. Choosing used office furniture for the home generally offers many options, from desks to chairs to filing cabinets. One of the major advantages to selecting pre-owned pieces is no assembly is required in most cases, and the furniture is ready to be set-up as soon as it arrives in the home. That leaves the major challenge of determining which pieces are needed for a productive and comfortable place to work. To take the guesswork out, here are three staples every home office should have:

1. A Computer Desk or Workstation

Depending upon the size of the room, one might choose a small to mid-sized computer desk, with or without an attached storage hutch, or a full-sized computer workstation that offers ample room to write, print, and organize paperwork and supplies. An “L” shaped desk provides plenty of room for holding a printer and fax machine, as well as paperwork. The “L” shaped desk also includes extra space to accommodate two people, when collaborating or brainstorming.

When choosing your pre-owned computer desk, consider one that is ergonomically designed. It should have plenty of legroom, with adequate clearance from the floor. To avoid muscle strain on the wrists, the keyboard and mouse platform should be at a height that feels comfortable. Some computer desks also include built-in wrist pads to eliminate strain.

For a small work area such as an attic or dorm room, a mobile computer cart might do the trick. This is basically a cart to hold the computer, monitor, mouse, or a laptop. It’s a convenient solution because it is compact and includes wheels for easy relocation as needed. Because it is basic in design, an additional cart for holding a printer may be needed. You can often find computer mobility carts at many used office furniture stores.

2. A Comfortable Chair

Again, ergonomics should play a key role when making the final choice. To reduce pressure on the back, look for a chair with built-in lumbar support. Reclining chairs may help reduce stress on the lower back as well, so look for one that adjusts at comfortable angles. The height of the chair should allow the feet to rest flat on the floor and be fully adjustable. Also, consider a chair with wheels, in order to move around without having to extend the arms to reach for faraway items.

3. A Filing Cabinet or Credenza

Not to be overlooked, every home office should have some sort of filing storage for keeping important papers and documents secured and accessible. A vertical filing cabinet with three to five drawers is commonly seen in many home offices. A credenza may offer storage shelves, as well as a few drawers. Rather than ordinary metal, look for decorative wood cabinets at used office furniture stores. Walnut, oak, or mahogany may complement the existing decor nicely. Also, it’s a good idea to choose a wheeled cabinet for mobility.

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