The Zeus hoax is the brainchild of some unscrupulous person. It is a pop-up designed to trick people into phoning a number to right their apparent problem and make them fear they have the Zeus virus. Having rung the number they can be directed by the perpetrator to purchase malware solutions.

I have a small internet business but like the majority of internet businesses we offer our customers legitimate and generous solutions to their needs; not trickery. Why do a few in this world spoil things for so many honest people? there are many legitimate ways to do business with fair and honest marketing as the majority on online marketers do, there is no need for unscrupulous trickery!

So the solution for getting rid of the Zeus hoax pop-up, which won’t allow you to close; is to turn off and unplug your computer wait a minute and restart it. You still have to find a malware remover, there is a free solution on Google but I cannot vouch for it. Better perhaps to upgrade your existing security, with the provider you already use.

So 2,190,000,000 people are today searching Google for ways to “work at home” an incredible number! Is that your dream too? You have to take some calculated risks to make a decision like that, but there are ways to consider the consequences first.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

How important is security to you? Or would you prefer autonomy?

Do you have at least basic computer skill and are you prepared to learn more? Do you like learning new things? Or help at hand you can call on?

A little spare cash to get started?

A really strong, burning desire to work for yourself and enjoy the time and location freedom of working at home with your laptop?

Do you have personal motivation even when you hit a brick wall.

Would you enjoy the peace of working on your own?

Do you have the determination to succeed?

You can work around most of your dilemmas by beginning part-time, whilst you have the security of your current income and the comradeship of your work colleagues. this gives you the opportunity to see if this lifestyle is for you.

Yes you will be stretching time a little but with less TV etc. and a little resourcefulness it is possible to commit regular sessions to your new hobby business and enjoy the results. the satisfaction is immense.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest starting point online and with the guidance of a coach and mentor providing best-selling products and current training, you can start earning whilst you learn the techniques. Extra cash is always useful and it gives you the opportunity to test the lifestyle. ( A side benefit of learning anew skill or language, you are stimulating your brain and it has been found to help ward of dementia).

There are both millionaires and many part-timers in the industry, the choice is yours. A New year is almost upon us; will a new online venture be your New Year’s Resolution?

Books to give your courage and take you beyond your comfort zone, to a whole new exciting world:

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Creative Visualization” by Ronald Shone

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy

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