You are a loyal customer of a local “non surgical” hair restoration company. Years ago you saw an advertisement of a great looking guy, with a very attractive girl on his arm, water skiing or riding in a convertible with the wind whipping through his hair! In the next few seconds, you see a “before” picture of this same man with no hair on top of his head. He looks sad and a little less healthy. And, of course, he looks about ten years older. Your curiosity is getting the better of you. You could not help but want to fix your hair loss with those same results! The before and after is such a striking difference. You run over to the mirror. The little amount of hair you have left on your head is less than impressive. You immediately fantasize about what you would look like with THAT hair! What a change it would make to your appearance! You pick up the phone and request some information.

You cannot stop thinking about that hair. You can’t stop looking in the mirror and are getting more disappointed with your thinning hair everyday! That Sunday afternoon really did a number on you. After reviewing the information you pick up that phone and make an appointment for a free consultation. You feel a little strange at first when walking through the door. However, the attractive girl behind the front desk seems very sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. You fill out some paperwork and another very attractive woman comes out to greet you. She explains the procedure as a non surgical hair restoration. She continues to cover all the details of the process. She makes it clear that you are an excellent candidate and you will look absolutely amazing once the process is completed. She refers to this process as a strand by strand method. She explains that a sample of your hair will be taken and sent to a lab. At the lab, your hair sample will be put under a microscope and analyzed. That information will be sent to the factory. At the factory they will match your hair exactly, hair by hair, and attach human hair to a monofilament base. This monofilament base is almost as light as air and will cover your thinning areas only where you need it. By combining the wonderful “existing” hair you still have left on your head with this strand by strand method, your hair will look like it did before you ever lost it! Rest assured you will look ten years younger! Now that you have been wearing this fake hair for close to three years, you would do anything to get out of it!

We all know how the story ends. A hair piece is a hair piece is a hair piece! Call it what you want! Do you like strand by strand? Do you prefer non surgical replacement? How about laser hair replacement? Or, what about a bio-matrix? That sounds interesting. Do you like poly fuse? I think you get the idea. In my opinion, it is all the same. How about a wig, a hair piece, a toupee (ouch!), I hate that one! How do you feel if someone calls it a rug? That’s not good! I have even heard them called a duskee! The point I am trying to make is whatever you call the hair attachment, it’s all the same thing. A non surgical hair replacement solution is just that! It is not growing out of your head. It needs to be maintained and replaced often or it will look extremely fake if it is not!

The sad part of this story is that about 90% of all male wearers of these non surgical systems are fantastic candidates for a permanent surgical hair restoration procedure. Once completed, a hair transplant requires no maintenance. If done properly by a hair loss specialist, the hair will never fall out! It will continue to grow forever. The only maintenance required is shampooing, conditioning and a hair cut! In addition, the cost of a hair surgery is extremely less than if you continue to wear the fake hair for only a few years. Let’s take a quick peek at the numbers. The cost of your hair system will most likely be around $1,200 to $1,500 to get started. That will include the initial “installation”. At that initial installation you will be offered a series of options for maintenance. He is where things get a little tricky. These options will range from a few hundred dollars a month to as much as $1,200 a month. You should take my advice on this one. If you go the cheaper route, the hair system will not get the proper maintenance needed to look “real”. Please remember the following; the key to wearing fake hair is having fake hair that looks real. If it does not, what is the sense? The cold hard truth is you will need to replace these things every few months and have them properly serviced. This will run you $500 a month, minimum. That comes out to $6,000 a year, not even including the first $1,500 or so to get started. At $6,000 a year, the math is easy. After just four years of wearing a hair system the price tag is a whopping $25,000. Using that $25,000 as a benchmark, I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt, you could fund several MaxHarvest surgical hair restoration procedures although you probably won’t need that many.

Let me make one thing clear at this point. The reason I can help you get out of that hair system is because I did it myself! At age 31, I took the plunge! I took off the hair piece and went through a series of surgical procedures. Once I did, there was no looking back. Almost like a true feeling of freedom, I was finally feeling good about my hair. THAT was something I thought would never happen!

No longer would I worry about someone touching my hair or a new girlfriend finding out about my secret hair system. I could now romp on the floor with my niece and nephew without worrying that the hair would be pulled off my head. Best of all, I no longer had to pay $500 per month to maintain fake hair that I was determined to hide every second of the day. The list goes on and on. All those worries have now disappeared and I can finally go on with my life!

The transition of having a full head of fake hair to having a full head of real hair requires a few things. First, you must identify your personal expectations. If you are emotionally attached to the hair system and the appearance it gives you, you may have to make this a two step process. The first step will be to have a MaxHarvest surgical hair procedure. The second step would be a followup procedure one year post op. Allow the first surgery to completely heal for 10 days, and continue to wear your hair system with a semi permanent attachment. This way you will be able to wear your hair system during the day and remove it at night. You will want to take it off at night for the new hair to grow in properly. You may also consider wearing a hat on weekends. Now you will be able to have the best of both worlds. This is exactly how I made my transition. Unfortunately, at the time, the MaxHarvest procedure was not yet available. For this reason, I was unable to achieve the density I desired. However, it will be in your best interest to take advantage of this technique. This is the reason for this article.

Hair wearers are told repeatedly that a hair surgery will never give them the thick youthful look that is accomplished easily with a non surgical option. However, a hair wearer can avoid this issue if he seeks out a hair restoration practice that performs the MaxHarvest procedure. The MaxHarvest procedure will move the maximum hair possible in one procedure. Dr Brett Bolton has had tremendous success with helping hair wearers remove their hair pieces. Dr Bolton believes the MaxHarvest technique is a major reason why this works. This will enable the hair wearer to get much more coverage and density. Other conventional hair clinics move a limited amount of hair grafts based on a cost per graft.. For maximum density and a true final result, the hair wearer should consider a second MaxHarvest procedure. However, this will be totally optional. It will all depend on personal expectations. Meanwhile, at anytime during the entire growth stage of the surgery, the hair wearer may remove the hair system when he feels comfortable with his result. I remember that day well. It was very liberating!

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