A reception desk is an important piece of office equipment; it is usually the first place your clients, guests and potential customers see. It is important to choose this piece of furniture wisely. There are plenty of options to choose from, so reviewing them all is an important part of the process of making the right choice for you and your company.

You should start by deciding exactly what the function of the reception desk will be. Consider whether it will be an actual work station or more of a greeting place. Most companies have their receptionist multi tasking so the reception desk not only has to be accessible to the public but also has to be functional for the user.


If this desk is also going to double as a work station that you should consider a model that has a back on it with a high shelf area, not too high but high enough so that the user’s workstation is not visible unless someone is intentionally peering over the shelf unit.

The high shelf option is a great option for a host of different businesses. The ledge can be made to be welcoming to visitors and guests and the user will not feel like their work is available for the world to see.

Many options that are made this way will have storage areas on either side of the desk in the form of file cabinets; some have shelving units underneath the ledge to store office materials and supplies.


Some companies simply designate someone to sit at the reception desk to greet clients, guests and visitors. That is the soul purpose of the person’s position that sits at this desk. The only items that are on the desk, is usually a phone and maybe a pad and pen to write with. In this case the desk can be of any sort that is appealing. You can express your companies design with any type of desk of your choosing.

In some cases the reception desk is a simple glass table that is quietly understated, sometimes it is a large ornate desk made of wood, and it is entirely at the discretion of the company or organization as to what type of desk is preferred.

A reception desk can be quite practical or it simply is a place that visitors can check in, but keep in mind first impressions count.

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