When you’re meeting with your prospective cleaning service clients, you need to plan and list down probing questions which can make your clients tell you their concerns. In doing so, you get to show the prospective clients that your business is ready to serve their needs and can solve whatever problems they might have.

In this meeting, you should be the listener than the talker so you can help the client solve their problems; the more information that you get from your conversation with him or her, the better. As you make your question list, think about probing questions which will make your potential client think.

Examples of these questions can be:

o Why did your company want to change the last cleaning service that you had?

This question should be asked when they already contracted you.

o Why did you decide to place your contract out from bidding?

The reason for this can be that their company is required to place their cleaning service out from bidding once every year. Maybe it’s also because they are just not satisfied with the service provided by their current contractor. Maybe it’s also because their company is cost- cutting and is looking for another cleaning service who can give them lower prices. If the latter is the reason that they gave you, then it already warns your business for something that might happen in the future. Prospective clients looking for whoever can bid the lowest are not generally the best clients your cleaning service might have.

o What kinds of problems do you have right now? What are your other concerns?

This information can help you in solving their problems. If you happen to talk about their current contractor, do not bad- mouth them. Otherwise, your potential clients might think that you are blaming them for the poor judgment that they made when they availed of the services of their current contractor.

o What are the improvements you wish to see?

o What are your expectations from cleaning services?

o What does the cleaning service you have right now do to ensure you your required work quality?

After asking these questions, ask your potential client if he can give you a building tour of the one you will be bidding on. If during that time it isn’t possible for you to have a tour, just schedule another appointment with him or her so you get to see the building first. This is also so you can return and present your clients your company’s completed bid and then close the deal.

Even when your clients already have some floor surface measurements, it is advisable to do measurements of the various floor surfaces like the carpet, tile, etc. You can also ask your potential client if you can go back to the building so you can make the necessary measurements without using up his time. After you get the measurements, go to your prospect to inform them that you’re done. Remind your prospect about your next appointment with them and do not forget to express thanks for giving you their time.