At some point in life the fear of heartbreak affects us all. In simpler times, before computers and cell phones, people just married their high school sweethearts. Today many of us have turned to Internet dating and replaced getting to know people with artificial intelligence. But, fears tend to mount when you can’t be face to face with a person. People become consumed with what their significant other might be doing at any given moment. The fear of heartbreak is based on you being focused on your mate’s

misconduct. But, (surprise, surprise) it’s not your mate’s actions you need to control. It is you that must change your own picture of love. How can you confront the obstacle of fear using love affirmations? By using them to become confident in you and your own ability to identify and enter into loving relationships based on trust. Here are some Love affirmations to get you started:

“I trust myself to make the proper relationship choices.”

“I enjoy and value who I am.”

“I only enter into romantic relationships that are based on love and respect.”

“I am worthy of being loved.”

“I am open to a great loving relationship.”

“I love myself exactly as I am.”

“The mate I select adores me precisely as I am.”

Your current situation or past experience may be the opposite of the above love affirmations, but the point is to retrain your thoughts and your relationships moving forward. You should expel both painful experiences of past heartbreak and fearfulness of imminent heartbreaking experiences, and trade them for positive affirmations like those listed above. These love affirmations must become your self-talk, so much so that you victoriously persuade your subconscious that this is your reality. The outcome of this will be rewarding experiences of love and the elimination of the fear of heartbreak.

Being cognizant of the present point in time is one of the best things you can do to overcome fear of heartbreak. Devote your full mind and heart to what you are experiencing right now, instead of giving partial focus to future and past happenings. When you catch sight of yourself slipping into one of those negative thought paths, use a love affirmation like:

“I resolve to envision love in this moment.”

“I choose to see the love that is in and around me.”

“I now see myself and the world around me with love.”

Once you have reprogrammed your self-talk to be more aware of love in the present and confident in your ability to choose good partners, you will notice that your relationships will drastically change. Needless to say, love affirmations don’t turn every frog you kiss into a prince or princess! But, you will eliminate fear, and be happier and more in tune with what you need from a long term partner. This course of action is bound to eventually produce your true love.