Compared to other American brand name of baseball gloves like Rawlings, Wilson and Easton, SSK is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing high quality end baseball gloves for merely more than 30 years. Starting out as baseball uniform producer in Japan in 1950, SSK or in complete name ( Kyozo Sasaki – which was the founder of the high growing company) has develop gradually into a producer of top quality gloves as well as other equipment like wood bats. In fact, they are the one of the leading brand endorser in most Major Japan Professional Baseball League and perhaps, some major league baseball players in the US use to endorse the company’s product.

Comfort, durability, flexibility and excellent design are the most possible importance in SSK baseball gloves. In able to get the standard features and superior comfort, the leather has been injected mostly by a small amount of lubricant. Quite often, nylon thread and mouton wool are contained in SSK series of baseball gloves. Constructed very well with the help of the superb craftsman, SSK is liable for developing small design on the leather pocket of the gloves.

On our sites you will find a perfect selection of baseball gloves series in a competitive design and price range. For example, adult gloves ranges its cost from $100 plus and for youth gloves varies from $50 plus. Some of these are the examples:

Pro Series 12 inches pitcher’s infield baseball gloves – It is a baseball model series with black weaver web and an open part. It is made from high quality leather and brought about greater comfort at a cool design. These models are sold more or less about $99.99.

GT-250 Adult 11.75 inches Premium Fielder’s glove – It has an ultra USA steer hide leather, design for an extreme comfort and durability. It was sold for about $ 109.99.

There are still a lot of models or series available in the market. It is not only available in Japan, because it has been brought into other countries including USA. This is good news for all serious players of baseball. After a brief interruption, SSK gloves are finally back worldwide and ready to compete with other brand names. So, don’t get a baseball gloves without evaluating the quality. If you are really into durability and high ends gloves, then SSK baseball glove is simply the best choice! Don’t be left behind, purchase on now and be a professional baseball player that anyone could envy for.

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