A wireless headphone gives you the freedom to do things, the things you want to do away from your stereo or television. No longer are you just stuck there in one spot…afraid you might miss that special touchdown pass or part of a favorite tv show. No longer do you have to wait for a commercial to go get that snack. With a non-wired head set you’ve got more options than ever thought possible for listening

So, what is there secret? No secret really. There’s a base unit which emits an infrared signal to the headphones you wear.

That home unit is what plugs into your stereo or television. Also, the base is usually the cradle for recharging the head set. Some of the base units are designed for all types of devices such as the personal computer or laptop. They can be used with televisions and even hand held devices…like Ipods.

Certain developments in technology has allowed the freedom of wireless to be available for mp3 players and other hand held devices. This is a great thing for someone who wants to exercise and is always fumbling with the cord on the head set. Many people trying to work out are so bothered by the cord. Someone who finds themselves bothered by cords which can tangle into a mass of self destruction, will find this advancement wonderful.

You need to remember the difference between wireless headphones and cordless. Some people refer to them as being the same, but they are not. Wireless means you most likely have to stay in the line of sight of the base unit. The technology behind this is similar to that of your remote control for the television. The standard range is about 30 feet. Some units are available with more mobility, but signal strength can be lost. This makes most of these units more compatible with home or office use than anywhere else.

There are units available which have multi-user capabilities. This is great for one or more persons to share the same audio signal. It makes music sharing easy between friends.

These are available for home office and standard office applications. People who make their living on the phone are no longer strapped to the desk. This allows them more freedom of movement. Stuck in one position for long periods can be tiring. That’s all over now, and the telemarketer can stand and take a brief walk or stretch without the cumbersome burden of cords. The work environment becomes a more productive and enjoyable experience.

More and more they are becoming popular in learning institutions. It makes it easy for an instructor to section the class room into groups. Each group can share the media from a single device. The entire classroom is able to enjoy freedom of mobility while still remaining productive. No longer are the students being stuck to the desk. Structured settings just became more relaxed. When the person learning does not feel so burdened the learning experience can become more enjoyable.

Wireless headphones and the technology along with them is no longer limited to just a home stereo but to everyone on the move. Isn’t it time you took advantage of this technology also?