Owning a cellphone or a mobile phone is considered as a necessity given that it is quite expensive and few people are able to purchase one. Not only are cellphones expensive, old units are also bigger making it a cumbersome piece to carry around. That said, as technology progresses and innovation allows researchers and mobile companies to manufacture smaller devices that are also cheaper, having a cellphone nowadays is just common. If this is the first time that you are going to purchase a cellphone or want to upgrade to a new model, then you might choose between getting a Samsung or an iPhone. You might also consider a local brand. Below are just some reasons why you should think about locally made cellphones and why getting one may be the best thing that you have done.


One of the reasons to consider locally made cellphone is the feature that is included. Although international brands do have their own apps or software, it might not apply to you. This can be a waste of memory space and in some cases if it is a built-in one, you might not be able to uninstall the apps and rooting it would invalidate the warranty. Getting a local brand on the other hand, would have local apps included, which can be useful as it is customized. This might include language preference, local contents and other features that you might need but may not be compatible with international brands.


In certain instances, some would purchase their phones in another country due to the cost of the phone. This can be a problem especially for warranties or replacement. If the phone is locked and you root it and something happens, you will not be able to return it. Replacement may also be expensive due to international shipping or handling fees. A locally made phone can easily be replaced with a new one and if the warranty expires, you can still ask for parts or be able to look for support where you can have your phone repair.

Price vs. Quality

Thanks to recent innovations in the industry today, local companies are now able to compete with multi-national telecommunication companies. When going shopping, you might find the same specs with both phone types. The only difference is that one is more expensive as one is also paying for the brand name. If you are not brand conscious, then you might find a local phone that has the same spec, but is cheaper.