There are quite a few top quality computer microphones available today but which one gives you the best value for your money? This article will look at the 3 best microphones on the market so you make a more informed decision before you part with your cash. This way you’ll know that you’ll be getting the best computer microphone to suit your needs.

USB mics have had a bit of a bad reputation in the past but recent technological advances have improved the quality of recording significantly. With these three mics you can now hear the clarity with minimal background noise to offer pro sound quality. User demands are varied and these three mics encompass every requirement from recording vocals and instruments to podcasts, speech and even VoIP.

So long as there is USB port on your PC, all three of these mics will work on both Windows and Mac. The issue of compatibility is nil for the users of these microphones. Not one of the microphones needs any extras to be installed so using them couldn’t be easier.

The first one that comes to mind is the Blue Yeti mic, attractive and with professional sound quality. This is the universes 1st THX-certified USB microphone and uses Blue’s proprietary three capsule science to make sure your sound is the nearest to studio-quality that’s possible. The Yeti has a headphone input allowing you to monitor your recordings and also has controls that let the user adjust headphone levels, mute and microphone output gain enabling real-time recording control. For a range of sounds it has the option to choose 4 different polar patterns.Stereo mode uses both the left and right channels. Cardioid mode records sounds that are right in front of the mic. If you want to capture sound from every direction, the omnidirectional pattern is good for including ambient sounds. Bi-directional position records from the rear and front of the capsule.

It comes complete with an adjustable stand that allows freedom to change the direction of recording. For a complete bundle, the features are plentiful in a single microphone. Its old fashioned appearance gives it a “groovy” feel and it will look great at the side of your PC.

Another quality product comes courtesy of CAD and their amazing CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone. This microphone permits budding engineers to record studio-quality audio straight into a computer smoothly. There is no software or driver to install so it is simply a case of plugging it in and starting recording straight away. If you’re looking for rich and warm recordings, the large diaphragm mic is the one most often used for vocals and instruments. To reduce ambient noise and unpleasant background sounds, there is a bass “roll-off” button.

Other modes offer the feature to vary the sensitivity giving you the option to capture ambient sounds if you want. The generous 10-foot cable allows for maximum flexibility when choosing where to place it as having it next to your PC or laptop may not always be possible. Apart from the cheesy appearance of the CAD U37, this microphone does does it all and does it quite well. It has the ability to pick up the full texture of sound in a room in order to fully capture ambiance.

The Samson Go Compact USB Microphone is the last on the “best-buy” list. We hear that good things come in small packages and this wee mic follows that rule. It is custom built so that it can clip directly onto your laptop which means you can record on the go. It’s really good for recording songs, podcasts and Skype should that application ever come along but the ability to capture sound in the field is superb. For different kinds of recording it features both the Cardioid and Omnidirectional pattern choices. The omnidirectional mode allows users to capture an entire room – ideal for impromptu band practice wherever. Since this mic still offers superior sound for such a small size makes this microphone a must for anybody who needs to record in different places.

These 3 products fit 3 different price-ranges according to one’s budget. Blue Microphone’s Yeti is the most pricey out of the three but is surely worth it in terms of the features and sound quality. The CAD U37 Studio Condenser Recording mic and the Samson Go Compact mic both retail for around the same price and they are considerably cheaper than Blue’s Yeti. Depending on the type of user, this is a very good value – the CAD or the Yeti for home recordings and the Samson being ideal for the type of user that is always on the move.

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