In today’s computer intense work environment, workers need all the help they can to maximize productivity. Much of the computer work requires heavy typing or repetitive motions that can cause strain on the human body. The new mini keyboards, ergonomically designed to comfort, can minimize pressure and muscle strain, allowing a worker to perform a job without pain and injury.

Mini keyboards are more compact than a regular keyboard. This reduces the amount of muscle movement required for each key stroke. Because the keys themselves are more compact, there is also less straining to press the higher keys. The mini keyboard’s ergonomic design allows the wrist and the hand to rest on the same surface, minimizing pressure to the wrist.

For those who use their mouse frequently, mini keyboards can include a built-in touchpad instead of using an external mouse. This eliminates the movement from the keyboard to the mouse and back, which can cause stress on the shoulder and arm. It also lowers the muscle strain on the hand that results from using a standard mouse.

Natural body posture is the most effective way to combat the pressure on a human body caused by extended time at a keyboard. The mini keyboard can significantly improve posture due to its compact and portable design. With the flexibility of the small and wireless structure, a user can easily place the keyboard at any angle that provides for the most neutral hand and arm positioning.

The flexibility of placement for the mini keyboard makes it ideal for laptop users as well. This small keyboard remains as easily portable as a laptop, but creates a more ergonomic typing position by disconnecting the screen from the keyboard. With this separate keyboard, a laptop user can maintain a neutral hand position and eliminate the muscle strain on the neck caused by looking down at the laptop screen.

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