Barcode scanners or barcode readers are devices that can scan and interpret barcodes printed on labels and products. They use the same mechanism as flatbed scanners with a light source, a sensor and a lens. The sensor helps in translating optical images into electrical impulses, and nearly all barcode readers use decoder circuitry to interpret barcode data. Some of the different types of barcode readers include:

  • Pen type barcode readers
  • Handheld readers, automatic or semiautomatic
  • Fix mount readers
  • Reader gates

Used in diverse environments from offices and businesses to warehouses and retail outlets, barcodes offer advantages like:

  • Easy identification of products
  • Precision
  • Easy to execute
  • Cost effective
  • Security
  • Automated control of items

One of the essential software needed in most organizations is the Inventory Control Software. In its supervisory capacity, it enables the tracking and exercising complete control over all the inventory activity of the business. This helps in reducing the operating costs of the business while keeping track of inventory items. Thus businesses often install such software to cut costs in larger establishments.

Another software often used is the Time and Attendance Software. This can applied in diverse environments from tracking the class attendance of students to the attendance of employees in an office, though different types of attendance software may be used in the two, so that all the specifications may be covered. The formats available in specific time and attendance software should enable the user to identify the software specifically suited to his requirements.

All these different types of software are available with some of the most popular and trusted being from Wasp Technologies and Bartender. This makes it the preferred destination for small and medium businesses with limited budgets. The speed and accuracy of the software makes it a cost effective option. Add-ons offered by them make the software suitable for specific applications, and customization helps bring desirable results. The entire product range and is available online for access at any time.

Even though these are both relatively inexpensive pieces of software many small companies with a tight budget are usually unwilling to spend money on these program. But the initial outlay will be quickly recouped because using these programs will mean there are fewer mistakes due to human error, which can have an effect later on in the selling process. Your staff will not need to monitor these applications as once they are set up very little additional work is needed.

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