Synflex Vs Painkillers That Cause Pain, natural pain relief and Synflex.

So your arthritis is kicking up again and as a dutiful sufferer you beeline to the medicine cabinet and take a painkiller. After an hour you don’t feel much relief. Or maybe you don’t feel any pain at all. But either way,did you just guarantee more pain in your future? Have you insured yourself of a future of long term agony and debilitation that you would not have had otherwise, just by the act of taking painkillers?

Get ready for an unpleasant surprise! The most likely answer is yes! Even if the painkiller seems to be working, even if your arthritis pain is gone, all you have really done is guarantee yourself more pain and more suffering in the future by taking those painkillers today!

But, how could you and millions of arthritic sufferers who are using painkillers be harming yourselves with them? Even those taken by doctor’s prescription and with their approval? Well lets see, answer these vital questions…

Have you treated your arthritis pain with any painkillers within the last 7 days?

Do you now have, or have you ever gotten a prescription for your arthritis pain?

Are you concerned that you may be taking these drugs for the rest of your life?

Do you wonder if a nutritional supplement like Synflex be better for you?

A yes answer to any of the above questions entitles you to know that you can cure arthritis through natural, and nutritional means and thus eliminate your arthritis pain naturally, and never need arthritis painkilling drugs again!

Painkillers That Cause Pain

Now I do believe pharmaceuticals and especially pharmaceutical painkillers do hold irreplaceable positions in medicine chests. I myself have taken plenty of pain killers to counter pain from strains and sprains and the like. The trouble arises when people take arthritis pain killers for any great length of time.

To begin with, it is important to know that actually curing the arthritic condition would require rebuilding and restoring the cartilage and, or restoring the muscles around the arthritic joint. Sufferers usually take some form of drug to reduce inflammation and wipe out pain. But, the real problem is generated when the joint is in pain and you can’t feel it, enabling you to even forget about your condition. You could take a painkiller and then spend the next few hours feeling mobile and great but in the process, you’re killing the overstressed joint without even knowing it. And thus the unaware arthritic patient severely damages the joint and the remaining cartilage, and feels great while doing it!

So is death a fair exchange for pain relief?

Let’s say you were mowing the lawn and you’re wearing your full head phones with your ipod , you’re enjoying your music, it’s loud to cover the mower hum. And the mower is handling fine. Then comes the fatal engine shudder, and the blue-grey puff of smoke. You whip off your big headphones just in time to hear an awful metallic shearing sound. And then you’re wishing that your college course load had included a course in small motor repair as you hand over your mower to the repair guy smiling dollar signs at you. Your wallet shivers at that smile. He asks, didn’t it sound like the motor was in distress for awhile just before it blew? Why didn’t you shut it off back then? Of course you heard nothing but your music. So you were unaware of your mower’s cries for help right up until it died. This is the same as taking painkillers to treat your arthritis pain. The painkillers mask the main symptoms and help you forget about the problem, even ignore it. Guaranteeing you will soon have to deal with a bigger problem.

Painkillers could also cause intestinal bleeding and even worse problems that could kill you. Over 2000 suffers died in this way last year. So is death a fair exchange for pain relief?

Enticing Your Body To Heal

On the whole, scientists are astonished by the amazing functions of human physiology. And arthritic specialists and research scientists are just as astonished. Because under the proper circumstances the body can actually cure chronic illnesses, including arthritis.

It absolutely must be noted that primitive tribes, totally free of the western type diet, are totally free of arthritis and many other modern ailments. That is until one generation have been exposed to the western diet and living conditions. Then all the typical western aliments and illnesses begin to appear with increasing frequency until they equal levels in other western cultures.

Curing Arthritis Forever And Naturally

Here are some tips that will allow you to begin to feel some positive results in the next couple weeks.

5 Points To Address For Treatment

1. Target your sugar consumption! Arthritis has been associated with high levels of sucrose (refined sugar). Begin to cut yourself off of sweets and replace them with healthy alternatives like your favorite fruits or smoothies.

2. Stop drinking from cans immediately. Yes that includes all your favorite canned drinks. Canned or processed foods contain preservatives and other food additives that government agencies say are fine. But when these same ingredients are added to the diets of former primitives, they begin to get sick with all our chronic dieseases. Draw your own conclusions. Start this week with a water flush which could be tough but is achievable. For the caffeine kick in the morning eat an apple. Their are many varieties. Again, it’s tough but it’s achievable.

3. Inhale for Health! Most folks bodies are failing for lack of oxygen. You need to give your joints more oxygen to beat pain. Learn some deep breathing exercises you can do as you go about your daily routine.

4. Exercise! Yeah, you may hate to hear that word. But you must initiate a weight training program to gain more muscle mass. More muscle mass will take stress off of your body and joints. Plus you’ll enjoy the added benefits of looking good and feeling better too.