The sound of loud banging, and knocking noises coming out of your noisy boiler can be frightening, but there’s usually no need to run into the street in your dressing gown, screaming for help. It may sound as if your central heating system is about to explode but these types of boiler problems are not dangerous. There are many causes for boiler problems such as having a noisy boiler, some of which you can easily figure out for yourself. It could be resolved with some minor adjustments, or it could be time to phone a boiler repair company. Here are six top tips to help you cope with a noisy boiler:

1. Don’t panic! It may sound as if there is a Mutant Ninja Turtle in your noisy boiler wielding a spanner, but the banging is usually caused by the rapid expansion and contraction of the internal mechanisms. Take your time to get all the relevant information together and, if necessary, to calmly check all the possible causes of your boiler problems.

2. Find the manual that came with the boiler. This will tell you the make and model, what kind of device it is (whether it is a combi boiler or a condensing boiler for example) and whether you are covered by any warranties for boiler repairs. You might still have paperwork from the supplier confirming when it was bought. Obviously, if it is still under warranty the first thing to do is call the helpline number to ask about their boiler repairs cover.

3. If there’s no manufacturer’s warranty, insurance policy or service contract that covers the central heating system, then the next step is to investigate the cause of your noisy boiler. Do you hear loud bangs coming from the boiler when it is on? Is it working flat out but not producing as much heat as before? If so, there are likely to be pockets of air trapped in the device and this boiler problem is caused by a decreased water flow, often due to a build-up of sludge from limescale or corrosion.

4. If you suspect this is the cause of the knocking sounds coming from your noisy boiler, and you are confident of your DIY skills, then you can try to deal with it by using a de-scaling product and a non-acidic cleanser. Both can be added to the feed and expansion tank from where they’ll pass through the boiler and flush it. Don’t forget to drain the central heating system a few days later, to clear out any debris.

5. If flushing out the system doesn’t fix the boiler problems, then it’s time to try something else. Another possible cause of a noisy boiler’s decreased water flow can be an incorrect flow rate setting, a feed tank not filling up properly, or a faulty pump. In all these cases it’s best to call out a professional boiler repairs contractor. You many need new parts, or, sadly, your noisy old boiler may need replacing.

6. To help prevent these kinds of boiler problems in the future, you need to make sure the device is regularly serviced. Landlords renting out their property are required by law to have the central heating system checked on an annual basis. It’s a good idea to follow the same rule if you want to stay safe and avoid boiler problems such as a gas leak, a noisy boiler or a breakdown.

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