IDAC CO., LTD. offers many room escape games in the Apple app store. Lucky for us, some of them are free.

While they usually consist of simple 2D drawings, one of their newest games, Strange House, is in gorgeous 3D. It makes a huge difference, and the game feels a lot more realistic than others.

However, the game suffers from some of IDAC’s usual flaws, and in some ways even more so than their other games. Their games are usually very linear, in that you need to see every clue for a puzzle before it will allow you to solve the puzzle. In Strange House, this is taken to the extreme, with certain puzzles requiring the player to zoom in on every piece several times in order to be able to move the pieces around. Another flaw is that some items are found early on, and despite knowing what you need to do with them, the game simply won’t allow it. This can all lead to much frustration. However, it is an enjoyable game if you go in with an understanding of their games. The more IDAC games you play, you learn to examine every item very closely.

So don’t let the linear gameplay turn you off from Strange House. As a free game, you can’t go wrong. And if you get stuck, you can always refer to my walkthrough.

Here are some tips to help you out in case you get stuck:

1. To move the animal sculptures, make sure you zoom in on each animal as much as possible. Also examine the engraving on the table very closely. Once you do all this, the game should be satisfied that you saw all the clues and you will be able to rearrange the animals.

2. For the water puzzle in the bathroom sink, you need to get 4 dl of water into one beaker before you can pour it on the scale. To do this, first fill up the 5 dl beaker with water. Then pour that water into the 3 dl beaker. Dump the water from the 3 dl beaker. Pour the rest of the water from the 5 dl beaker into the 3 dl beaker. Now there are 2 dl of water in the 3 dl beaker. Fill the 5 dl beaker again and pour off 1 dl into the remaining space in the 3 dl beaker. You now have 4 dl in the 5 dl beaker. Pour it onto the scale and the drawer will unlock!

3. When you have all three monkeys ready to be placed in the appropriate places, don’t do so in the order written above the opening. Try swapping the second and third monkeys to get it to work properly.

Those are the most problematic parts of the game. Hopefully you can escape on your own now!