Oct 2016

Spy Cam Reviews

Spy cams are becoming increasingly popular. Given the times, it has become very essential to protect homes, valuables and loved-ones. Spy cam reviews published by various consumer electronic magazines and web sites devoted to the subject are a useful method of researching the product before you take a purchase decision. Here are some snippets from consumer reviews about various spy cams.

Customers find the mini wireless cameras to be very useful for covert operations as their presence is hardly noticeable. Moreover some cameras have a line of sight up to 1000 feet. They can have 9 hours battery back up and are portable. The image quality of these cameras have been rated 9 on a scale of 10 and customers are highly satisfied with the performance.

Many night vision cameras have excellent user ratings. They are usually rated 10 upon 10. They have IR LEDs for viewing in dim lights and a line of sight of 90 feet. Some examples are Tranwo outdoor camera, Voletk night vision camera and iView night vision camera.

The CyberEye IC-100A spy cam is popular amongst consumers because it serves two purposes. It acts as an image capture camera and as a video surveillance camera. These motion activated cameras sense motion and if it is connected to a VCR or Computer the activities can be recorded. It can act as a silent witness to burglary at homes, offices, schools etc. CCTV cameras or Closed Circuit Television cameras are also motion spy cams. They are largely used in shops, hospitals and in crowded places. Customers feel that the quality of images produced by these cameras is superior .They have given creditable ratings for this product.

Pen Cams are one on the many spy cameras that are popular among people. Consumers have given their patronage for the pen camera. They have awarded it a full 10/10 as they are pleased that it produces superior quality color images even though it is small in size.

Other spy cameras that have delighted the consumers are underwater cameras, nanny cameras (as they can be hidden anywhere), bullet style cameras and PC monitoring cameras.