Would you like to know some Japanese dating customs? Surely, you must understand their dating customs and traditions before going on a date with a Japanese. Understanding these can give you the edge towards a very agreeable romantic relationship.

Like most people from every nation around the world, the people who love their roots would like to keep the customs and traditions that their ancestors have passed onto them so that the next generation will keep them too and pass to the generation, and so on. However, as hard as they try, some parts of a certain tradition or custom can be modified, sometimes to a large degree that one might consider the tradition to be already lost. Some are still valued, kept and managed to survive and clings to the values of the people. The dating customs are among those that managed to survive through the years, making the tradition of courting come alive even in today’s modern world.

Before, Japanese dating customs can be very conservative compared to the Americans’. The culture of Japan is quite interesting and attracts travelers from all over the world, thus a marriage to a foreigner is always a possibility. It can be recalled that once, in the history of Japan, it closed the country from foreign visitors to ban the rapid changes that are eating Asia due to globalization. This might be one of the many reasons why the dating customs have been partly preserved. Yes it is partly preserved because today, technology has made easier ways to find a date.

The old Japan dating custom is decided by the parents. The parents of the lady or the man hire a match maker. This match maker finds suitable partners for him or her. The profiles with photos of the choices are put in paper arranged inside a folder. Having a suitable date then can be like shopping for a bag or shoes in a customers’ book. The date once decided has to have a schedule. During the old times the parents of the girl go with her and the gentleman would have his parents to back him up.

That was how things happened in the old days, but today, you would find some changes in dating customs and traditions. With cell phones and internet at hand, young adults and teenagers alike can meet many men virtually. They choose those they want to meet and then some are introduced to their parents. Ladies and gentlemen in Tokyo are far less conservative. They decide who to meet and have relationship with or without consent from their parents. Gals and guys from the provinces are more subtle. They still have that inkling to consult their parents if they like the one they are going on a date with. In any case, the dating custom always involves respect. Respect is earned as the good philosopher said, but in Japan, respect is a must, and must always be given.

When couples are dating, they might take time in restaurants, cafés or in parks or lounges. The ideal dates are when both parties are comfortable with each other. Some romantic Japanese guys take efforts and special gestures and preparations to make a date really special. Some girls too, do this, especially when they are looking to impress the guy. Though many of the Japanese dating customs have become modernized, they are still to be looked upon with respect, anyhow.

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